Doctor Who
The Ood
5 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

Doctor Who fans, like any good fandom can be an odd bunch. For the months leading up to David Tennant’s end as the 10th Doctor, many proclaimed the show would never be the same. Now just an episode or two into Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor, others are now saying he’s the best Doctor ever. All of this is rubbish in my mind but perhaps nothing splits fan’s opinions more than Russell T. Davies run as the main creative force behind Doctor Who. Some lambaste him for being unoriginal and cliche, while others praise him for his writing and directing merits. Today we’re looking at one of the more iconic creations under the RTD era, the Ood.

The Ood were a humanoid species with coleoid tentacles on the lower portions of their faces. They had no vocal cords and instead communicated by telepathy. This telepathy was perceived as song. They were originally a hive mind led by the Ood Brain. This kept control of the two brains in each Ood (a forebrain embedded in their body, and a secondary hindbrain connected by an umbilical cord-like connection to their faces, usually held in their hands). The hindbrain enabled them to connect to a single large brain, which coordinated individual Ood. However, the Ood were captured and enslaved for hundreds of years by humans. As slaves, their hindbrain was removed and a translation sphere fitted in place, not only to enable speech, but also to limit their telepathic communications field at “Basic 5” which cut them off from the Ood Brain, making them willing to serve and incapable of surviving on their own. The color of an Ood’s eyes changed with the level of telepathic activity, normally glowing bright-red but turning to white when not connected to a hive mind.

The Ood are an interesting alien faction in Doctor Who, as they are completely pacifist, despite that brief time they worked for The Devil. Because the Ood literally carry their second brain in their hands, they can’t be aggressive. Unfortunately that made them easy targets for humans of the future, doing simple human nature and enslaving them by removing their hind brain. Ah, humans, aren’t we grand? One of the great parts about the introduction of the Ood to the Who universe is that we don’t learn about the Ood’s tormented past until several seasons after they debuted. When this figure first came out it was simply a toy of a slave. Fascinating stuff actually.

This is the standard bubble card that most of the new series Doctor Who figures came on. Eventually these transferred into clamshells, but I like this layout. The plastic bubble, in the shape of the TARDIS, is a favorite of mine and will be sorely missed in future assortments.

There’s a pretty good picture of the Ood on the front cover with the show logo as well. This is a regular Ood, not to be confused with Ood Sigma or the Natural Ood that came in later series. This Ood also had a couple of variants, including one with some glow in the dark features.

The back of the card is a purple background and images of other figures in the line including those from Series 2. It’s a decent card back, but as always it would have been cool to have a little bio or something on the creatures. Inside there is a small plastic shell and a couple of twist ties keeping the Ood imprisoned.

The Ood are all pretty much identical. That’s great if you’re an army builder. It’s also good to army build some Ood as they’ve often been seen in the hundreds. I love army building, so these guys make natural fodder for the Doctor Who toy line.

Ood are supposed to be just slightly taller than most humans and have a very standard humanoid body themselves. They wear a prison-esque Nehru suit with black gloves. This is all represented very well in the basic figure.

The big draw of the Ood is the head both in the toy and the TV show counterpart. The long coleoid tentacles give the Ood a creepy exterior appearance. Upon first sight you’d fully expect these guys to be evil. The slanted eyes, the pointy curved ears and the bulbous almost skull-like head are all well represented here. Character Options has painted this quite well and since it’s the one key area of the Ood, they nailed it. Some of the later Ood add even more detail to the sculpt, but it’s hard not to be impressed even with this most basic version.

The figure is sculpted with a small post to allow the Ood to hold his translation sphere. There is a hole in the sphere and the post just pops right in. It works quite well and since this is the Ood’s only accessory and their only really weapon, it was a core element to include. The ability to remove them is definitely an added bonus.

Overall the Ood figure is sculpted nicely. There isn’t a ton of paint work, but that’s true to the character model. The areas where there are paint are quite nice and nailing the tentacles just right was core. That’s been done quite well so it’s hard to find much flawed with the figure as a whole.

The Ood like so many Doctor Who characters, don’t do much. They walk, they shuffle, they poke you in the head with their orbs. As such their articulation is pretty basic. They have a cut neck, cut shoulders, hinged elbows, cut wrists, cut waist, swivel hinge hips, and hinged knees.

That’s more than enough to get all the core Ood poses. The only thing that’s really missing is swivel thigh and swivel arm. Neither are sorely missed on this figure.

As mentioned before, the Ood come only with their translation orb. It’s a decent piece of material with some sculpted detail on the orb. The chord easily plugs into the face of the Ood and is soft and pliable. There are a couple of paint scraps on my orb, but not enough to really detract from the overall presentation.

The Ood originally retailed for about $10-$12 but they can be found for a little cheaper these days. It’s a pretty basic figure with not a lot of accessories, so your mileage may vary on just how many Ood you desire. Personally I need a small army, but I recommend everyone have at least three. They’re Oodtastic! Any Doctor Who collection without even a few of these guys would be Oodful.

Friends of the Ood!

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Translation Orb
Value – 8
Overall – 8 out of 10

Doctor Who Rodeo!

If you’re not a fan of Doctor Who, the Ood will probably seem like a strange and possibly boring figure. As a character the Ood can be kind of bland, but they are creepy drones with tentacle faces! Even if you only like the classic Doctor Who stuff I think you’ll find the Ood to be an interesting addition to your collection. If nothing else they can add to your Doctor Who cantina scenes.

5 Responses to Doctor Who: The Ood Figure Review

  • Docjackz says:

    Really love this version of the Ood. More so than the later versions with the more accurate face sculpt. It was certainly the only Ood figure which never peg warmed when first released.

    It was one of the first Doctor Who figures I picked up. Liked it then, like it now.

    Though I would take issue on them being completely pacifist. No Beast controlling them when they killed their way to ultimate freedom. Just the Doctor gettiing all the credit for basically doing nothing much.

  • Good point. I meant that moreso in their natural state they were pacifist. Which is how they were ultimately easily enslaved. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Bill says:

    Always nice to see a post on this line of figures. I think these are some of the best action figures out there right now. CO has done a great job with the Doctor Who line, and they just keep getting better with each additional wave.

    Another great thing about them is that, compared to lines like MOTUC and DCUC, these toys are easy to find, and a relative bargain.

    With the exception of the Earthshock Cyberman. Still looking for him…

  • I'm not sure why the Cybermen are always in such short supply. The drought of Who figures lately has really caused some calamity on that front. I agree with you, while this line isn't the cheapest, it's certainly maintained it's value by perspective.

  • latedx says:

    Haha, friends of the Ood – that's classic! Sorry I just had to say that. I don't have many Doctor Who figures but I'll definitely look into getting an Ood.

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