You may remember way back on St. Patrick’s Day last year I coined the phrase “Doctor Whosday”, but never did much with it. Well now since I’ve got such a backlog of Doctor Who toy reviews, I’ve opted to make Doctor Whosday a weekly occurrence. That means every week at least until the end of the year, I’ll be doing a brand new Doctor Who review on Tuesday. Of course, I may also do other Doctor Who reviews during the week, but you’re guaranteed at least one Doctor Who review every Tuesday!

Doctor Who (End of Time Subset)
The Narrator (Rassilon)
5 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen the End of Time saga, The Narrator is Rassilon. That’s not really a big secret or anything, so I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler, but there it is. One of Russell T. Davies trademarks on the Doctor Who series was to take an old concept (Daleks, The Master, Davros, etc) and sort of reinvent them in the season finales. With that in mind, it only made sense for RTD to use Rassilon in the End of Time saga. He had after all, pretty much mined everything else.

We don’t see Rassilon much for the first part of the saga, but he serves as the Narrator in the first part of the specials. Of course a lot of people complained about Rassilon appearing in the series in this form, since it conflicts with some continuity. Of course, a show about time travel has a LOT of issues with continuity as is. Pretty much anything the Doctor does at any point could wipe out or completely change any previous adventures.

Rassilon was perhaps the single greatest figure in Time Lord history. Certainly he was the most important figure in the official histories of Gallifrey, and was generally considered the first Time Lord, though some believe that distinction belonged to Omega. He is the founder of Time Lord civilization.

Most of Time Lord society hails him as a hero. However some contend that Rassilon was in fact a corrupted megalomaniac who tried to murder his friend Omega (falsely believing he succeeded), and stole his invention to build Time Lord society. In his only two appearances in the TV series he’s portrayed as an intimidating and unforgiving person, but in his first appearance also resented corruption and was good at detecting it. Ironically by his second appearance he was entirely guilty of this trait.

When I first heard that Timothy Dalton was going to be in Doctor Who, I had heard he was going to be the new Master. I think that would have been pretty cool, but instead he was cast as Rassilon. It’s a good casting, I suppose, though I doubt we’ll ever see him in the role again. Sadly, he wasn’t given much meat when he did get to play the most powerful of all Time Lords. Even if the character was a bit of a disappointment, how is the figure?

The End of Time series was the finale for David Tennant’s 10th Doctor and figures from the series also marked the end of the old packages. We get a brand new series of packages that are exclusive to this set. They are similar to the new 11th Doctor Series packaging, but only in shape of the clamshell.

The backing card is a metallic silver, with David Tennant and Timothy Dalton’s face on the side in the shadows. They sort of look like they’re opposing each other, which technically they are, but it makes it seem a bit more epic here. The shiny metallic colors are quite nice, though.

The back of the package shows the rest of the figures in this small End of Time subset, which is just a battle damaged 10th Doctor (with new head sculpt), New Master, Narrator and the 11th in 10th’s clothes. It was a pretty disappointing wave in my view, but I suppose it covered the core characters. Shame we couldn’t have got a new Rose, Donna, Mickey and maybe a Wilfred. I need a Bernard Cribbins damn it!

Character Options always does a pretty admirable job with sculpting, especially when you consider how boring a lot of characters in Doctor Who are, at least on the surface. Rassilon sort of falls into that category as he’s just a dude in a robe. Sure he’s the most powerful Time Lord, but Time Lords can be quite boring, right Original Recipe Time Lord?

The body is pretty well done, with a decent amount of paint aps and designs. He looks quite a bit different than the regular Time Lords, but he still has a good amount of “Time Lordy” style going on. I like the details on the robe and inner jumper.

There’s some good seriousness in the face sculpt, though he does almost have a little grin. When I compared to the actual photo included of Tim Dalton doing the same pose, it looks quite similar. In the flesh though, it comes off as smug, where it looks less like that in the plastic form. He has some wrinkles and such as well, giving Dalton a distinctive older look. His hair is nicely sculpted as well and I think there is a just a very faint light gray wash in the hair to give him a little salt with his pepper.

His inner jumper almost looks like a suit of armor. The Time Lord insignia on his chest looks excellent. The golden leaf-like design on the robe definitely looks nice. His gauntlet looks quite good too. There’s even some little screws and stuff on there.

One thing I really like that they did is they’ve used the exact same paint and robe plastic as they used on the original Time Lord figure. Which ultimately means you can display him with your other Time Lords without looking out of place. It’s a minor thing, but I think it’s a good attention to detail.

The robe has a natural flowing element to it. It pools up at the bottom and bunches, but it still looks pretty good. It can make him a bit hard to stand at times. He wants to slant to one side, I think because of the robe.

The first Time Lord figure really couldn’t move his legs because of the robe. Rassilon has full movement of his legs, at least as much as you can maneuver around the robe. The robe definitely gets in the way, but it’s an improvement.

Of course, the other robe was closed and this one is open. Sadly, even with the flexible rubber, this guy is never going to sit down right. Not unless you chopped off a good portion of the bottom of the robe. A bit of a bummer when you consider Rassilon was sitting for 80% of the End of Time.

The rest of him is standard in poseability, though the cuts at the biceps look a bit strange. This is usually the case with Doctor Who figures, but especially so with the robe arms. His wrists move easily and that can help add to some poses.

The one area where Doctor Who figures are often lacking. The Narrator really gets the only accessory he could come with. So nothing bad to say about this guy’s weapon.

His staff is large (almost as tall as him) and has some fairly ornate designs on the top. The paint is two toned and has lots of little gold rings around it. It fits in his hand, though I do wish his hands were designed to hold it a little better. It can work in either hand.

The End of Time figures were the first “new” figures we had in a while that weren’t some sort of special release. As it turns out, a price hike happened with these guys. It’s nothing major, but it can put a strain on the ol’ pocketbook. Rassilon was the most wanted out of the figure assortment and as such many retailers hiked his price even more. He’s a decent value at $15, but not a great one.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 6
Accessories – Staff
Value – 7
Overall – 7 out of 10

The Narrator ends up with a pretty average score. He’s a good figure, but he’s not one of CO’s best. The sculpting and paint work are all nice, but there just isn’t enough here to make this guy a must have. If you’re a compulsive Doctor Who collector and need everyone, this guy makes a nice impression on the shelf.


As an added bonus, he’s one of only two readily available Timothy Dalton figures. Apparently Sideshow made a Dalton Bond, but he’s pretty rare these days. Rassilon is a pretty cool figure and the only figure in the End of Time series I think worth buying, but he’s nothing to write home about.

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5 Responses to Doctor Who: The Narrator Figure Review

  • Russ says:

    who's that figure holding Rassilon in that one picture?

  • Timothy Dalton as Prince Barin from the Flash Gordon series. Reviewed here:

  • Bill says:

    Hooray for Doctor Who Day!

    I've been waiting for more DW reviews from you Newton, and I'm glad you'll be doing them on a regular basis.

    I agree with you that this wave was pretty anemic, but CO more than made up for it with all the other stuff they've released this year.

    The DW figures are still some of the best figures out there, and I'm glad people are beginning to sit up and take notice. I just hope it doesn't mean that the figures will be harder to get!

    BTW, who did the drawing for your title header? It's great!

  • Glad you like it Bill. I know I've been saying I wanted to get to more DW reviews and I figured making a dedicated day to them would be a good way to do it.

    The image is from Doctor Who: The Forgotten comic, I just tinkered with it a bit and thought it'd be a nice little logo for Doctor Whosday.

  • Fengschwing says:

    There's something strange but none-the-less enjoyable about hearing an American say they want a Bernard Cribbins action figure. The man is a legend in Blighty after all…
    Great review, these are already on clearance in the UK, I may pick a few up, you can get the entire wave for under £20…

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