Doctor Who
Sontaran Commander Skorr
5 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

It’s been a while since we’ve looked at any Doctor Who figures, but today I’m feeling some Sontaran love. It took me a while to get any of the modern Sontaran figures but recently I’ve acquired a small army. Sontarans are basically clones, which makes army building easy. That said there have been a few different looking Sontarans through the years. There’s rumors of a classic Sontaran coming soon but I think the modern version is a pretty decent compromise between the two designs. Some fans may not agree, but I’ve always felt that this is how a Sontaran was supposed to look but that the BBC just couldn’t afford good enough special effects during the classic run.

It appears as if the new Doctor Who series will be changing the packaging, but it’s a bit of a shame. Although these packages have appeared the same for several years now, they’re very good designs that serve both form and function. The Tardis shaped bubble has long been a favorite of mine.

Skorr and his accessories are on display fairly normally. There is a nice picture of the actual Skorr on the front as well. I like that because nothing shows off confidence in your sculpting ability more than placing the actual thing you’re supposed to be sculpting right on the front. If your sculpt is bad or way off, it’s going to be apparent to all potential buyers.

I also love that Character Options doesn’t dynamically package these. On the back there are a few other figures in this particular wave of figures. I think it might be nice if they had checklists on the back, but I suppose that’s a bit too difficult.

Although the Sontarans have a somewhat simple design, Character Options didn’t just cheap out and give these guys a very basic look. Instead the figure is loaded down with little details from top to bottom. The figure is painted in a soft blue with black highlights and darker blue areas in the shoulders, neck and “belt”.

The head sculpt is important and it faithfully recaptures how the character looks in the show. Skorr even has his gapped teeth that he had. The face sculpt itself looks a bit like Ronald Reagan to me, but maybe that’s just a personal thing. Obviously it also looks like a potato, or something naughtier and nastier.

The helmet is nicely sculpted too and fits over his head. Sadly the damn thing won’t stay on for nothing. In fact I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually gotten it on properly at all. You can make it look right from the front or the back, but I haven’t had much luck with either other way. Oh well, I’ve always sort of figured the helmet was just a way to avoid showing the Sontaran mask in the vintage show.

The sculpt packs in a few bonus features as well. There is a small communicator on his right side. It’s glued in there, but if you had a mind to, you could probably remove it. He also has a small black blaster on his right hand and the com link piece on his neck area.

The back features the same sort of detail and although it’s a no brainer, thankfully they also included the one Achilles heel of the Sontarans. A weak spot on the back of the neck.

The Doctor Who line has always been known for adequate, but not overboard articulation. The Sontarans actually offer a bevy of new articulation that can’t be worked into every figure. The sculpt impeded some of the articulation, but there is still a lot more here than usual.

For starters the head actually has no articulation. Before you think to complain about that, it’s actually an important detail… Sontarans can’t turn their heads. As for actual moving parts, you start with true ball jointed shoulders that have a pretty limited range of movement thanks the shoulder pads. Swivel arm, hinge elbows and swivel wrist are all on the torso.

There is also a torso ball joint which allows for all new movement in the Who line, as well as swivel hinge legs, thigh cuts, hinge knees and ball jointed ankles with rocker motion. It’s a pretty impressive amount of articulation, though there are some minor quibbles about how it’s implemented. I like the improved articulation, but I certainly wouldn’t want it on every figure.

Who is always a mixed bag when it comes to accessories because so few figures really need them. The Sontaran does need a little and he gets just that. First he’s got his helmet. As I mentioned before, the Helmet isn’t a perfect fit.

Skorr also comes with a blaster gun. It’s really nicely detailed and Character Options stuck true to it’s actual design, which means it can be pretty hard to grip if you don’t know where to grab it at. Both accessories are really well done.

Prices are sort of all over for this guy. At some retailers you can get these guys for under $10, partially because there have been several releases of him. That’s another point to add, depending on which version you get you may have a BAF part. At most you can see these guys for about $13-$14 which is a tad high.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – 8
Accessories – Gun, Helmet
Value – 7
Overall – 8 out of 10

I’m a bit torn on just what score to give Skorr, but I’m going to go ahead and give him a full 8. He’s got some new articulation that can be a bit wonky at times. The sculpting is top notch and his accessories are nice. The helmet woes unfortunately are enough to knock him down from being a perfect figure. I still definitely recommend him and many clones, assuming you can find them at a price tag that suits your fancy.

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