SDCC 2012 Winston Churchill Doctor Who, Victory of the Daleks

It’s been a while since I mentioned any Doctor Who figures around here, but Underground Toys have revealed their SDCC 2012 Doctor Who figure set. It’s Ian McNeice as Winston Churchill, along with a “Victory of the Daleks” Dalek. That’s sort of a re-release, but Daleks sell and this is a neat set.

I’ve heard a bit of complaining about the sculpt of Ian McNeice, but that’s absolutely absurd. This is one of the best likenesses that Character Options has done. Especially doing a likeness in such a small scale. There’s plenty to complain about here, but likeness isn’t one. I actually question using McNeice’s likeness, as they probably could have gotten more fans of Winston Churchill, had they used his likeness… But I’m sure that would have brought complaints as well. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t I suppose.

In addition to the two figure set, you get three phones, a desk, removable hat and glasses. The glasses look a bit rough, but glasses seem to be an issue in any scale. I appreciate that this is an entirely new sculpt for Churchill and not likely one we’ll see reused much if any. However the figure sports NO leg articulation. That’s a real step backward in my opinion.

Especially when you consider the figure comes with a desk. He looks okay standing behind it though. No word yet on pricing, but I’m guessing in the $60 range. Not sure if this set is for me. I more or less hated the last season of Doctor Who and while I liked Victory of the Daleks, I haven’t went out of my way to pick up much of the modern Who stuff. Moffat’s turn at the helm of the show just has left me largely underwhelmed with the figures, but that’s a critique more on the program than the little plastic men.

Anyway, this seems like a pretty darn good exclusive, even if it may not be for me. Plus it’s something for Ian McNeice to sign while he’s out on the convention circuit. Never a bad thing.

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  • Bill White says:

    I feel the same way about the latest seasons of DW, Newton. It seems like we are in the minority, though.

    The toys, too, are losing their luster for me. I used to think that these were some of the best action figures on the market, but I just can't get enthused about them lately. This set is no exception. It would be fun to have a Winston Churchill action figure, but I already have a "Victory" Dalek, and I can't see spending a major chunk of change for just one novelty figure.

  • I was lucky enough that I didn't buy the Victory Dalek the first time around, I can't recall why, so I will likely get this set at some point… But I'm in no hurry. You're right, it's a bit of a novelty thing and as such, it works for SDCC, but it doesn't get us "on the fence" guys off.

  • Ian McNeice says:

    Hi! Ian McNeice here, yep the real Ian McNeice – just to say I LOVE my Action Figure big time! I also know how much time & effort went into this to get a correct likeness. For those of you interested I'm hoping to be at the Chicago-Tardis Convention at the end of November to sign some there!

  • Awesome! Thanks for dropping by and letting us know how you feel about the sculpt. If I make it to the convention, I'll be sure to get one for you to sign! Cheers.

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