Doctor Who Rory action figure

Character Options has finally announced a Rory action figure in their Doctor Who line. It’s been what, a couple of years now? But I suppose it’s better to be late than never. Rory has been highly requested to be a figure since first appearing in the new 11th Doctor series.

Rory is up for preorder at the usual suspects in the UK and he’s expected to show up sometime in October. I would expect that he’ll show up in the US around that time as well but possibly later. I think the sculpt is quite good, although some people don’t like it apparently. The hair is a bit dark, but I don’t think the likeness is terrible or anything.

Doctor Who Rory exclusive action figure

The BBC shop in the UK will also have an exclusive version. It looks pretty good as well. No word yet if BBC America’s online store will carry it, though. It may end up distributed here as well, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Unfortunately I just don’t really care about either figure, to be honest. I wanted Rory over a year ago. It would have been exciting then. Rory shouldn’t have been a hard figure to get. It’s hard to get excited about a figure that should have been a forgone conclusion. It’s a decent looking figure and I’ll probably get it eventually, but I’m not going to go out of my way for it. That’s pretty much how I feel about the Doctor Who line these days.

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  • Agent 86 says:

    I haven't purchased a Doctor Who action figure in … well over a year (maybe two), because Character Options apparently had no intention of releasing a Rory action figure. While Amy Pond may be the 11th Doctor's "formal/official" companion, I considered Rory (and River Song) to be just as important companions. I was tempted by the Roman Auton as a stand-in for Roman Rory, but I knew having an imposter on my shelf would just bug me (especially when there was no evident reason why Roman Auton Rory wasn't released instead of the multiple Roman Auton figures).

    Now that Rory is finally being released, I might have to track down at least the core "dysfunctional family" of Moffat's Doctor Who being the Doctor, Amy, River and Rory.

  • Bill White says:

    I agree with you completely, Newton. A year (or more) ago I would have been thrilled with a Rory figure. Now, I really don't care. Like you, I will probably pick him up if I find him for a decent price, but I'm not gonna bust a cork trying to get my hands on one, and I won't pay an arm and a leg for it.

    I'm not sure what happened to my passion for this line of figures. It used to be my favorite and I wanted every figure CO made, but now I just can't seem to muster up any enthusiasm for it.

    Maybe it was all the "Classics" collections, with the endless Tom Baker variants. The rising price points didn't help either.

    Make no mistake, they still are great figures. Some of the best looking on the market. The Eleven Doctor set has to be one of the greatest action figure products ever produced.

  • Russ says:

    Wow, not to continue the trend, but I'm not overly excited either. Like you, if this were a year ago, I'd be thrilled. I even bought a roman auton to stand in for Rory, but it never really looked right. For me, it was the constant re-release of figures with different accessories (first wave buyers like me felt cheated that we were being punished for buying early cases), the fact that it's getting harder to find sites that sell single figures, and quality not being consistent across figures, even in the same wave, that started to dull my enthusiasm for the line. It just stopped being fun…
    Now, I've limited myself to new doctors, which looks like I don't have to worry about any time soon, and new companions. Maybe if I see Rory, I'll pick him up, but I'm not going out of my way.

  • Horatio says:

    Well I'm going to buck the trend and say I'm as excited about Rory coming out as I would have been a year ago. Pre-ordered both flavours of Rory and looking forward to finally having the whole of the Pond family on my shelves.

  • Fengschwing says:

    I have to say, I don't think it looks much like Arthur Darville at all and that's the reason I expect I'll be passing on him.
    Pity, other than the River Song figure, they usually do a bang up job on getting the likenesses down pat.

  • Framston says:

    Wait, where is the "Rory" figure? All I see are 1980's era Paul Reiser figures.

  • I can see a little Paul Reiser in there… Also maybe Howie Mandell.

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