You’re in for a double dose of retro Doctor Who characters today here at Infinite Hollywood. First up is the SV7 Robot from the Classic Doctor Who range. These are part of the K-1 Robot build-a-figure series and are in line with the Character Options 5 inch figure range.

The SV7 Robot comes from the classic 1977 “The Robots of Death” series of episodes. In the series, robots are part of a ship broken into three classes. Black “Dum” robots which can perform only menial tasks and can not speak, a light silver-green “Voc” class that perform higher classes of operations and can speak and the SV “Super Voc” which is essentially the captain of all the robots.

Although there are three types of these robots with differing colors, the SV and regular V robots are almost identical in color. One is certainly more green, but this could pass as a regular Voc if you aren’t too picky. As is, this is the SV7 leader robot who eventually is revealed to be working with the evil Taren Capel in an attempt to rid humanity of anything that isn’t a robot.

Same classic clamshell we’ve been getting all along, nuff said. Look to previous reviews for more information on this package.

The SV7 Robot features a wide range of articulation which include swivel waist, swivel arm battle grip, swivel thigh, a SECOND lower swivel thigh, swivel wrist, cut arms, cut legs, cut neck as well as knee and elbow joints. This is the first figure to NOT feature the Who Crotch®, despite looking like it has one.

Despite all the articulation, this figure has some difficulty standing. You can get it to stand, but it could probably use the extra crotch movement because the design forces the legs in tight together which makes it awkward to stand up straight.

Identical to the real life model. There isn’t much more that needs to be said. The rubbery out clothes of the robot feature the same waffle texture that the real ones had. The only real difference between this figure and the real life model is that the feet here aren’t as obviously wrapped in tin foil! That’s an improvement. The face sculpt is the real winner here with all the intricate details and all the nice sculpting on the hair that really make this robot’s look stand out.

There isn’t a ton of paint, but what’s here is done really well. The shading on the face can’t always be seen to the naked eye, but it’s there. It’s a greener color than the rest of the body. The other minor details are painted nicely and feature a lot of smooth cuts with little glop.

The rubbery clothes continue to be a highlight as the Robo-capris (His shorts) offer a lot of movement thanks to their material. You can’t fully bend the knee, but the fact that you can bend it at all is a treat. Interestingly there is two thigh swivels and that creates a separate break on the upper hip. This means that despite the pants looking like one solid piece, they’re actually three pieces to allow more movement. Great sculpting job there.

SV7 comes with nothing but his BAF part. A large leg of the K-1 Robot. It’d been nice if he’d came with one of the small red buttons that the robots used in the episode to mark “death”, but the accessory would have been really tiny anyway so I can see why it wasn’t included.

Additional Notes:
I honestly thought that the SV7 and regular V robots were the same color on the TV show. It wasn’t until researching this that I realized they were slightly different in color. I could easily see this being used as an army builder figure for the regular V robots.

At about $13 this is a reasonable value, but not a must have. You really need a small army of these robots to make them interesting and I’m not sure that they’re worth it. They don’t have some of the posing ability that other figures in this range have and the somewhat bland design might turn you away. They were also a real pain to photograph as the shiny silver paint reflected my flash bulb a bit too much.

The Toy…

The Real Thing…

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 7
Articulation – 7
Accessories – BAF piece
Value – 7
Overall – 7 out of 10

The SV7 Robot comes from a really entertaining series of episodes. It’s a unique looking robot and it screams 70’s sci-fi as this could easily wander onto some Battlestar Galatica episode and you wouldn’t know the difference. It even looks like it could be in a Star Wars droid scene. That said, this figure isn’t a must have unless you’re looking to beef up your classic collection or trying to complete the K-1 Robot.

Be sure to tune in later today for the SV7 counterpart, the D84 Dum Robot review!

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