Doctor Who month is back after a brief hiatus for a weekend trip. My apologies for not remembering I had planned a weekend getaway in March, but that’s how life goes sometimes. I’m certain we’ll still get 31 reviews in this month because this week I’m going to be doing a multi review of one item that includes several figures.

Today’s review though is of the Supreme Dalek. It’s a strange name because there have been several Supreme Daleks throughout the mythos of Doctor Who. Needless to say this is the latest incarnation of the mechanical beast, adorned with shiny gold studs and with a unique shaped head.

We’re back to a clamshell here with this figure. I should mention that the clamshell seems huge when it supports a Dalek and since this is the biggest Dalek the packaging is quite bulky. This is also the first time I’ve received a damaged package, but despite some dents and scrapes on the package the figure inside is nicely protected. That’s a good thing. I do wish these packages had a little biography of the figure inside. As it is this only explains about the Vespiform BAF which this is a part of that series and nothing about the figure itself. It doesn’t even explain what other figures you need to buy to build the Vespiform wasp.

This is the first Dalek I’ve reviewed so talking about articulation is sort of strange. If you don’t know anything about Daleks, then I’ll simply say that these guys are robots (technically mutants inside of robots) that look sort of like large trash cans with plunger arms and a eye stalk. In the UK they refer to these guys as pepper pots, which essentially is saying they’re overgrown salt shakers. That’s an adequate description as well. Daleks don’t really move much, so discussing their articulation seems a bit silly, but these figures have just as much articulation as a real Dalek does, which is impressive I suppose.

The head can turn 360 degrees, the eye stalk can move up and down. The plunger and gun arms are on a ball joint, so they can move around quite a bit but not too much because of the design. Underneath the Supreme Dalek (As in all Daleks) there are three wheels. One guiding wheel that can move around 360 degrees and two back wheels that can only move forward and backwards. This allows you to move the Dalek around in any direction with ease.

I’m always impressed with the Doctor Who Dalek figures from Character Options. Several other companies have made Daleks throughout the years but the designs were always off. So it looked kind of like a Dalek, but not really. CO has made perfect Daleks every time. The sculpt on this Supreme Dalek is much more detailed than a regular Dalek and includes lots of extras. The strange design of the Supreme Dalek is represented well here with three little lights on his head, the shorter eye stalk, the gold bars on the side of his head.

He also has a thinner gun arm than the regular Dalek and a much larger plunger arm than most. These are all nice little details. It’s very impressive and the paint is equally as good. The only flaw in the paint is that while the gold studs, orbs, balls, that cover the Dalek are accurate, the gold outline is not. The Supreme Dalek had a black outline instead of a gold one.

Dalek Size Comparison

This figure is in 5 inch scale, as is all the Doctor Who figures. Although the Supreme Dalek himself measures a full six inches. Because it’s a Dalek, I feel it’s pretty much compatible with any toy line. It could be a giant robot for 3 3/4 lines or it could be a human sized robot for 6 inch lines. It’s really up to your imagination. The Supreme Dalek is slightly taller than a regular Dalek or considerably larger than a classic Dalek.

The regular rule of thumb is that Daleks come with no accessories. You can remove their arms quite easily and stick whatever you wanted in their holes (Gross!) but they come attached and I don’t think that qualifies as an accessory. The Supreme Dalek bucks this tradition a bit though as he includes a piece of the Vespiform wasp.

The head of the Vespiform is nicely detailed with a joint on the neck. I normally don’t review the BAF parts, but I’m not building the Vespiform so I figured I’d let you know a little about it. It’s painted nice with a small wash on it and it looks quite impressive. It’s probably nicer looking than the actual Vespiform creature was.

The Vespiform BAF caused a lot of calamity as Character Options re-released a bunch of older figures and some newer ones with Vespiform parts. Essentially if you want to build the Vespiform you’ll probably end up with extra figures you didn’t want multiples of. I love the inclusion of BAFs but I can understand why people would get upset. TO be fair though, the Vespiform is one of the least interesting creatures in all of Doctor Who. While his episode was entertaining, the creature itself was not. So this is one BAF you can skip if your not a completist.

Additional Notes:
If you’ve never owned a Dalek before, let me give you a minor word of warning. They’re light. That’s nothing to complain about but I should mention that they’re hallow on the inside. The Supreme Dalek has a bit more heft than a regular Dalek because of his design, but don’t expect these things to weigh a ton. It’s probably for the better, but it’s something to remember so that you aren’t disappointed that this guy doesn’t weigh much.

I paid about $13 for this Supreme Dalek which is a tad steep I suppose but I’m perfectly content with. The detail is good and despite the minor paint error, you can tell this is the Supreme Dalek. I love having a collection of Daleks so it’s nice to have one as different looking as this one. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with this figure, but I wouldn’t pay more than the price I paid.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 6
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 10
Accessories – Vespiform Head
Value – 8
Overall – 8 out of 10

Family Reunion

Daleks are fun. Daleks are a huge part of the Doctor Who mythos. They’re easily the most recognizable enemies and they are the Lex Luthor’s to Doctor Who’s Superman. The Supreme Dalek is the biggest and baddest Dalek in all the land, so he makes an excellent addition to your collection. If you get the Vespiform version you get the extra head which you may or may not be able to use. If you buy the regular release, he’s quite good too. Either way you’ve got a foreman for your Dalek army.

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