Rounding out the final San Diego Comic Con exclusive Doctor Who sets is Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor. Of course the Sixth Doctor already had a regular release in the first series of Doctor Who Classics, so this exclusive version shows Colin as he appeared in the 2002 “Real Time” special. Although the Sixth Doctor’s tenure ended in 1986, the Doctor Who franchise found new life in later years via radio plays.

Colin Baker reprised the Sixth Doctor in a 2002 special that was a mixture of animation and radio for the special Real Time webisode. That episode (available online) involved the Doctor going to Chronos and battling Cybermen. Although Baker’s outfit in the regular runs of Doctor Who was very colorful and patchworky, he was given a new outfit of all blue during that episode. This figure is a perfect incarnation of that.

The Sixth Doctor in blue…

I haven’t watched a ton of the Sixth Doctor’s episodes largely because I just haven’t been as attracted to them. Colin Baker came in the later era of Doctor Who when I feel the guys playing the Doctor tended to be wacky just for the sake of being wacky. Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor really innovated some quirkiness to the character and I felt a few of the later ones attempted to emulate that via adding some really bizarre stuff to their Doctors in order to be “memorable and unique” as Tom Baker had been.

That said, while Colin’s normal Sixth Doctor outfit looks like something Willy Wonka might wear, the Real Time blue outfit seems like a much better fit.

The card is the same as the others in this series but has just a few little differences. His card art is a cartoon/comic style which is what we saw in Real Time. I give them credit for putting that on here to really show off some of the neat aspects of this special figure. It also makes sure that this figure looks like what it’s supposed to do.

The inside is the same, but the back of the package not only explains about the Sixth Doctor himself, but also summarizes the “Real Time” adventure. That’s a very cool twist that makes this package more than just a regular container. I like that they also mention the 2002 air date and of course these are individually numbered, with mine being 1321.

Colin Baker’s sixth Doctor includes the same amount of articulation as all the current standard Doctor Who classics. He has a cut neck, cut shoulders, upper arm swivel, wrist swivel, waist swivel, Who Crotch® (Similar to a DCUC figure), thigh swivels, hinge joint elbows and knees.

Colin Baker had a strange bewildered look about him and that’s reflected pretty well in this figure. The Sixth Doctor could be a jerk at times, but they opted to make him look a bit more stoic than anything else. If you own the regular release of the Sixth Doctor, you have this figure. Nothing has been changed but the paint.

Blue Colin.

Some have speculated that one figure was taller than the other, but I am here to confirm that the two figures are the exact same size. I don’t believe that Colin Baker is even one of the more popular Doctors, but he now has more classic versions of himself than any other Doctor. This variant, as well as a regeneration version coming out later this month.

The paint work is really sharp on this version and I tend to think Baker might have been more memorable had his real life counterpart worn something like this. His outfit was such a distraction to me at times where this more muted outfit makes him unique without screaming “hey look at me”, which is applaudable.

The original outfit tended to have a little slop because of all the zany paint applications required, but this one is as crisp and clean as any Doctor Who figure I’ve seen. His eyes also seem to be painted a little better, but that’s probably a case by case basis. The paint ops on the sonic lance are interestingly different.

As I mentioned above, he comes with his sonic lance and it is different than his original. The first version of the Sixth Doctor had a solid blue lance with a red tip. This one is black, with a red tip and red line through the groove on the sculpt. It looks quite good although he looks sort of snazzy with the blue lance as it matches his outfit.

Additional Notes:
I didn’t need another Colin Baker, one was sufficient. However, I liked the look of this guy and I think it’s nice that some of the older Doctors are working with Character Options, Big Finish and BBC to present some new stories as well as new figures. Colin Baker has been working with them very closely and as such he’s gotten several figures. Can’t knock him for that.

Facing off with the Cybermen

Some of the Doctors changed outfits all the time and some of them remained largely in the same getup for most of the time. While it’s not necessary to get Colin Baker’s variant outfit, it is kind of nice to have some different duds for a Doctor other than the Tenth.

For about $18-$20 you can have this guy. That’s considerably more than the regular sixth Doctor figure. However it’s not a huge difference and the rare nature of these SDCC exclusives make them worth a bit more. Obviously though, this doesn’t carry the same weight as the First & Second Doctors.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 8
Accessories – Sonic Lance
Value – 6
Overall – 7 out of 10

The first and second Doctors are pretty much a must have. This variant of the sixth Doctor really isn’t. However, he does fit the mold of a typical SDCC exclusive and he offers a nice variant of the Colin Baker version of the Doctor. In fact I suspect a lot of people might be swapping out the garish regular version for this variant. If you’re a big fan of a sixth Doctor, then obviously you’ll need this variant. If not, he’s a worthwhile addition to your collection but not a must have.

Is there a Doctor in the house?

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    Very good review, the UK versions aren’t numbered however of these, it is a good figure.

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