Last time we reviewed two figures and I deemed that it wasn’t a two pack, but more of a one figure with a secondary character accessory. This time we travel on the road of Doctor Who month with a legit two figure pack. Magnus Greel & Mr. Sin. These two figures are part of the Character Option Doctor Who Classics Series 1 wave. That of course is part of the K-1 Robot Build-A-Figure wave.

Magnus Greel & Mr. Sin come from the 1977 saga, The Talons of Weng-Chiang , part of the Fourth Doctor’s adventures. The episode is a violent series with blood, giant rats, killer dolls and kung-fu fighting.. Yes Kung-Fu fighting! Basically it’s pure awesomeness. Weng-Chiang is a Fu Manchu style villain and I’d love to seen a figure of him, but instead we get his puppet and his superior, the evil Magnus Greel.

This is the traditional “Classics” packaging. It’s a nice uniform look, but as I said in my 4th Doctor review, it’s a bit drab compared to the regular Doctor Who packaging. Maybe the classic logo would help? I prefer the Tardis shaped bubble to the standard bubble, but either way it’s still a decent package and displays the figures well.

Magnus Greel (That’s the tall one) has a fair amount of articulation although his outfit constricts it some. He has cut shoulders, a cut neck, cut wrists and cut thighs. He also has cut legs but they’re constricted by the outfit he wears. He also appears to have the WHO CROTCH® but again it seems a bit useless with his long gown constricting the usage. I suppose if you were to rip his clothes off somehow you could use it. He also has the standard knee and elbow joints.

Mr. Sin is the puppet killer of Wang-Chiang and he also features an incredible amount of articulation considering that he’s the “secondary” figure here. He has a cut neck, shoulders, wrists, thighs and features the Who Crotch as well as knee and elbow joints.

Both feature a nice amount of articulation which is a surprise since Magnus Greel is sculpted in such a fashion that he could have easily been a hollow shell with no movement in the legs, but he isn’t. It’s nice to have that articulation in the legs even if he can’t bust out with a Kung-Fu Boogie.

I’m sure I sound like a broken record tossing tons of praise onto these Character Options Doctor Who figures, but they deserve it more often than not and this time they definitely deserve it. First is Magnus Greel who has two heads. The masked head is detailed and nice, despite it being a very plain design. It looks as it did in the TV show, but it’s the second head that really shines. The scarred face of Greel looks like Freddy Kruger! It’s an impressive feat to get such detail at this 5 inch scale and it’s a testament not only to the sculptors but to the paint work as well.

Looking at this face… I’m thinking Arby’s.

Mr. Sin also has a great sculpt and considering he’s supposed to be a puppet, he looks good. The paint on him makes him look a little more plastic and whether that’s intentional or not, it’s well served here as he’s supposed to look like Chinese Chucky. Sin has a long ponytail that also really stands out to me as it’s very well done. He measures up about 3 3/4 tall give or take and is a real treat to have.

The paint on both is quite good, with Magnus Greel probably having the nicest paint aps I’ve seen yet on these figures. The gown he wears, has tons of gold paint aps and it really creates a great silk kimono look. There is very little slop if any at all on the figure and the scarred face has some really nice paint wash on it that just makes him downright gruesome. Mr. Sin has a nice painted face too that doesn’t show up as well in these pictures because of the flash. Maybe someday I’ll get one of those really nice Michael Crawford cameras. Until then, you gotta deal!

Great paint work…

Unfortunately neither figure stands very well. I can get Mr. Sin to stand alright, but Greel simply won’t stand. I had to prop him up in the pictures. I haven’t had any issues with Doctor Who figures standing so this must be a one time thing. It appears as though the back of Magnus’ kimono hangs down too low and pushes the figure forward. I suppose it could be trimmed up and fixed, but I’ll just prop him up for now.

I’ve said that the standard for Doctor Who figures is to include very few accessories… But when the figures do come with accessories we seem to get a ton. This figure may have more accessories than any in the line. Magnus Greel comes with Mr. Sin, whom I’d say counts as a full separate figure since he features all the same articulation.

In addition the figures come with a bonus head for Greel as well as Mr. Sin’s knife. It’s a very small rubbery knife but it’s a key element to the character and a real nice bonus here. Mr. Sin likes to cut you up with this knife, so I’m glad I don’t have to rob my GI Joes to give Sin his proper cutlery.

The gruesome twosome also come with two important pieces of the K-1 Build-A-Figure robot. They have an arm as well as K-1’s gun. Both look quite good and I can’t wait to get the full K-1 together to show him off to you. He’s one of the ultimate big box 1970’s tin robot designs. He’s got those big Lost In Space robot claws.

Danger Tom Baker! Danger!

Additional Notes:
The Talons of Weng-Chiang has become a somewhat controversial saga in more modern times with some criticisms about the Chinese characters, but it’s pretty moot in the grand scheme of things. While these two figures probably weren’t high on the list of Who villains, they make a great addition to the collection because you have the two most important characters from the saga. I may have to dig around and see if my old Shadow figures fit in, so I can have some Weng-Chiang goons.

I paid about $15 for this figure pack. I think that’s really a great deal when you look at it. Mr. Sin is the same size as a DC Infinite Heroes figure, comes with an accessory and features just as much articulation and twice as good of a sculpt and DC IH runs about $7! When you factor in the 5 inch excellently sculpted Magnus Greel and the two pieces of K-1, you’re getting a good deal. Obviously if you don’t care about these characters, you’d be less interested, but watch The Talons of Weng-Chiang and you might decide you want these guys and at the price, it’s pretty fair.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – 6
Accessories – Bonus Head, Knife, K-1 Arm, K-1 Gun
Value – 9
Overall – 8.5 out of 10

I was really on the fence about these two for some time. I didn’t recall the episodes and I thought it was a kind of silly figure pack. After watching The Talons of Weng-Chiang and getting these two in hand I liked them MUCH more than I ever thought I would. Despite the problems with Greel not standing, I think this is an excellent value and is definitely worth purchasing. You’ll have to get them anyway if you’re building K-1.

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