As we continue along here in Doctor Who month at Infinite Hollywood we come across a variety of figures from different episodes and eras of Doctor Who. Today I’m looking at the Judoon Captain figure. The figure itself is quite impressive, but the character and episode that he comes from didn’t really impress me much at all. So how does that shape up this figure review? Take a look below and see.

The Judoon are a race of rhinocerid humanoids employed, as the Doctor put it, as “police-for-hire”. They show up and teleport a hospital to the moon on their search to find a evil alien. Calamity ensues and eventually the Doctor must come face to face with the Judoon.

Pretty standard faire here. This is an earlier release so it’s on the bubble card. An interesting note is that there isn’t a “standard” size bubble for the Doctor Who figures. It adjusts as need be. Since the Judoon figure has a big thick head, he has a larger bubble than other figures.

Despite being an older figure the Judoon is loaded down with articulation. He has cuts the shoulders, legs (including some ball joint movement there but not as much as some) as well as wrist cuts, knee joints, elbow joints and swivel arm battle grip. His head does NOT turn, but I’m sort of under the impression that Judoon can’t turn their heads. They don’t in the episode either.

This is one of the most impressive sculpts seen on the line. Not only is the Rhino head excellently detailed and painted with a variety of different washes, but the space suit really looks cool too. The Judoon sort of wear a goth outfit and this thing is adorned with all kinds of little belt buckles, studs and straps. He also has some of the other Judoon gadgets sculpted onto his outfit including their little laser pen thing and his voice translator.

The paint here is impressive too as there is little to no slop despite their being at least two dozen miniature paint applications more than on the Clockwork man… But almost no slop. His Gene Simmons style boots look good and the only “flaw” on mine is a tiny bit of wash on the nose horn dripping a little below. There are two paint schemes to these figures. One is a Rhino grey and the other is the one I have, which is sort of a nougat color. I can’t say either is more accurate than the other as the beasts sort of appeared as both colors.

The Judoon Captain only comes with his gun. I should note that we know this is the “captain” because his helmet is off. None of the other Judoons took off their helmet. A helmet would have been nice to be included, but CO decided to sell a Judoon Trooper with a helmet made on instead.

He does have a working holster, which is appreciated.

Additional Notes:
Here is an instance where I didn’t care for the episode so much, nor did the creatures themselves feature any super personality trait to make them neat… But the figure makes up for it. This is a very cool toy and it almost makes me want to buy a bunch just so I can stage a Judoon takeover. Really a nice looking figure and all the added details really make the figure pop. He could have easily been painted flat black and CO probably could have gotten away with it, but they stepped it up instead.

He goes for about average on price and he’s one of the more detailed figures in the line so he’s definitely worth the money. If you don’t like the Judoon, you should at least pick up the captain, because he’s so well sculpted and painted you might kick yourself for not having him in the collection.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 10
Articulation – 8
Accessories – Gun
Value – 9
Overall – 8.5 out of 10

The Judoon figure is one of the nicest sculpted and painted figures in the line. Even if the character isn’t that interesting, you have to give Character Options credit for making this figure a blast. All the details really make him stand out and I could see kids having a lot of fun with this one as well. He’s a perfectly unique creature and one of the coolest to come down the line in the 5″ scale in some time.

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