First appearing way back in the 1960’s when William Hartnell was the first Doctor, the Cybermen have been a thorn in the Doctor’s side. The Cybermen have changed their appearances almost as much as the Doctor himself, but even today remain as one of the Doctor’s top foes. Just this past few months, Character Options has released a new wave of “Classic” Cybermen. Today I’ll be reviewing the “Invasion” Cyberman.

Although these classic Cybermen are episode specific, to me and many others, the Invasion Cyberman is the quintessential classic Cyberman. The suits, helmets and general makeup of the Cybermen changed throughout the years but for a large portion of the 70’s and 80’s the Cybermen looks a lot like this one. Of course there were minor differences, but overall this style of Cyberman is probably the most classic. At least to me. Feel free to disagree.

We get yet again a different style of packaging. This is similar to the traditional “Classics” packaging but the bubble is slightly different. Again this is a clamshell style package. The back of the package has a nice write up about the history of the Cybermen, but doesn’t talk about any specific style of Cybermen. It also has a nice picture of the completed Cyber Controller Build-a-Figure (BAF) that is part of this series.

Being one of the newest figures this “Invasion” Cyberman has a fair amount of articulation, however the sculpt itself does get in the way a bit and prevents the articulation from being more than just basic. He has a cut neck, but it can barely turn do to his suit. He has cut shoulders, wrists, legs and feet. He also has the ever present strange ball joint style legs, but the costume again hinders a lot of the movement there. Knee and elbow joints complete the ensemble.

The articulation could be up for some debate. I tend to think this is pretty good articulation for this figure. Again this is a 1970’s robot, not a gymnast, so he doesn’t need as much articulation as other figures might. In fact that’s sort of part of a 1970’s style robots charm, is that he moves like a ROBOT. Some might call this defending a flaw, but to me a robot of this style should move clunky and chunkily.

A real top notch sculpt here makes this figure stand out. Of course the sculpt is very screen accurate which could be looked at as a good thing and a bad thing. The 1970’s Doctor Who shows didn’t have the fancy special effects of the shows today and it was often criticized for cardboard sets and tin foil robots. If you like things accurate, you’ll love these. I grew up on Godzilla movies so I was rarely bothered by Who’s lack of a budget, but sometimes the robots could be a bit laughable. This Cyberman looks a lot like the ones from the show, good or bad, that’s how he looks.

I think there is a charm to a robot looking like he’s made of tin foil. So many vintage robots looked like that. There is a lot of little details in the sculpt, but paint wise there isn’t much to look at. He’s painted well, but it’s mostly just a pretty flat silver. That again is screen accurate and actually looks a little better on the toy than the real life counterpart. Some little black tints are throughout on the buttons and such but it’s all pretty plain.

The “Invasion” Cyberman comes with the vintage Cyberman gun. This is a strange looking little gun, somewhat similar to the old Nintendo Super Scope 6, or the Sega Menacer. These guns were used in various forms throughout the years but more often than not looked like this.

He also comes with a pair of the Cyber Controller’s legs. This is part of the Cyber Controller BAF series, so these are useless if you aren’t building the whole Cyber Controller but if you’re collecting all four figures to build the Cyber Controller this is handy. I also suppose you could swap these legs onto another Cyberman figure with a little work.

Additional Notes:
The handlebars on the side of the head have been the subject for much debate. As you can see on my figure they look fine, but on some figures they’re extended a little further than they ever were on TV. Giving the Cybermen a strange look with big “ears”. Thankfully it’s an easy error to fix as with a little pulling which may require pliers, you can pop them out and push them back in further. They have to be pulled out first though. You can leave them as they are, or change how far they’re pushed in. Buy several and use them at different sizes for some variety in your Cyberman fleet.

These go for about $13 plus shipping. It’s a little steep but you can buy all four for about $50 and with the BAF you’re getting the figures at about $10 a pop. I think the Invasion Cyberman is worth it, especially if you can get past the hokey appearance of the vintage Cybermen. If you like their old school look, then you’re definitely going to want one of these. Who wouldn’t want a tin foil robot with an accordion shoved on his chest?

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Cyber Gun, Cyber Controller Legs
Value – 8
Overall – 8.5 out of 10

I-Pod & 8 -Track

If you’ve been wanting a Cyberman that looked like this since you were 12 years old then you’ll be in hog heaven with this figure. Seeing as how the Cybermen were huge bad guys in the old Doctor Who series, longtime fans will definitely want one or a hundred of these dudes in their collection. Although these guys are episode specific, they could certainly pass for almost any era of classic Cyberman and make them an excellent addition to the Doctor Who figure line. Bravo Character Options for releasing this figures without making needless changes to make them more toy-like or kid friendly.

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