The second half of our look at the “Robots of Death” comes in the form of the D84 “Dum” Robot. The black robots on this mining vessel in the old Doctor Who TV show were the dum robots. They couldn’t speak and could only perform basic labor. Maybe this was some attempt at some statement on slavery? Perhaps it was coincidence? Needless to say I’m sure Reverend Al Sharpton would throw a fit in today’s generation.

Ironically the D84 robot turns out to be anything but “dum” or dumb… He’s actually a undercover agent for the mining company, who was placed on board the miner as a precaution to threats of a robot revolution by a scientist called Taren Capel, who was raised by robots. Got all that? Well it’s sort of important. Eventually D84 helps the Doctor defeat the evil robots and save the day. At the cost of D84’s own life. If you’re keeping a running total at home that’s like the 14th billion person who has died for the Doctor.

Same classic clamshell we’ve been getting all along, nuff said. Look to previous reviews for more information on this package.

The D84 Robot features the exact same level of articulation as the SV7 Robot which includes swivel waist, swivel arm battle grip, swivel thigh, a SECOND lower swivel thigh, swivel wrist, cut arms, cut legs, cut neck as well as knee and elbow joints. This is the first figure to NOT feature the Who Crotch®, despite looking like it has one.

As with the SV7 Robot, this one can stand but it takes some work. I actually had a bit of a harder time getting him to stand, but there isn’t any real plausible reason why.

The sculpt here is the same as it is on the SV7 model. With no structural differences. The real difference comes in the paint job. This figure is painted a dark black but with light silver and gray touches throughout. Many pictures make this figure’s top half look black… They aren’t! They’re green!

I’m assuming that the actual model was green. D84 had a slight green tint to him in the episode, but because of the film grain it was hard to say for sure. Character Options probably had better shots than I did, so rest assured this is screen accurate.

He also includes stickers so you can make him other models than D84. That’s great. You have four numbers to choose from. My only real issue with that is that we barely ever saw any other “Dum” robots in the episode. Yes, they were there, but most of the episode was V robots. So these stickers should have been included in the SV7 Robot as well. The SV7 could pass for other V robots, whereas it’s much more likely that collectors would only buy ONE D84 Robot. One of the few mistakes in marketing I’ve seen CO make.

Just like SV7, D84 comes with a leg of the K-1 Robot. Unlike SV7 however, D84 also includes an Anti Robot Transmitter. What’s an Anti Robot Transmitter? Well basically it’s a microphone device that the Fourth Doctor whips up using the broken face of a V robot and a control device.

The detail on the Anti Robot Transmitter is very impressive and it even has a well painted back with a variety of sculptural elements. This looks better than it did during the actual television show. Although again, it might have made more sense with the SV7 robot, but I suppose it could go either way.

Back of the weapon.

Additional Notes:
Despite being the same sculpt as the SV7, I find this guy more fun. But I think CO missed the boat on army building as it seems unlikely anyone would buy more than one of this character.

At about $13 this is a reasonable value, but not necessarily a required buy. You need him for the K-1 part and he’s definitely more interesting than the SV7 robot. In fact D84 was a highlight of the episode, so he’s worth adding to your collection even if you skip SV7.

Recreate your favorite scenes…

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 7
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Anti Robot Transmitter, BAF piece
Value – 7.5
Overall – 7.5 out of 10

Despite being the same figure as the SV7 robot, I like this figure better. The black paint makes it stand out more than the silver and the green head gives it a depth that you only see when you get up close. Plus the accessory is flat out cool. D84 was a much more memorable character than SV7 and that’s what takes him just a shade above his robot boss.

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