Today we’re reviewing the second most famous Captain Jack, just slightly behind Jack Sparrow is another Captain Jack, from the Doctor Who and Torchwood franchises. Captain Jack Harkness is played by John Barrowman in Doctor Who and its spin-off series, Torchwood. At first Jack seemed like a one shot character in Doctor Who but when he came back things got interesting. Namely he was killed… And brought back to life. When he was resurrected, well… He became immortal… Sort of.

One of the great parts about the Doctor Who TV show since it’s return in 2005 is the long term story arcs. Little seeds are planted in practically every episode that come to fruition later in the show. Jack Harkness is a great example of this and what powers Captain Jack received in the Doctor Who show came out to play in the Torchwood show. Of course Torchwood itself was just a seed planted in a Doctor Who episode.

This is the second Captain Jack Harkness figure, although there have been a couple of variants that I’ll discuss briefly. The first figure was based off his first episode, then there was two versions of that figure released: With his hat and with the “Empty Child” respectively. Then this figure was released, first with his gun and the figure we’re reviewing today as part of the Gelth Build-a-figure wave with Doctor’s hand.

Previous Jack Harkness Figure

The new standard package as usual. Nothing much to note about this. The Gelth wave still doesn’t tell you who you need to buy, but it does tell you about the Gelth and it’s parts. The little warning sticker you see on the front of the package isn’t on the British versions of the figures. It’s only on the ones in US. Due to different child safety laws and such.

Jack has a lot of articulation, as many as most figures in the line. Harkness has cut shoulders, legs, wrists and a neck. Although the neck joint doesn’t work very well and some say they can’t get it to turn at all. It turns on mine, but not very good. Earlier releases saw the head move normally though. He also has swivel thighs, swivel arm, knee and elbow joints as well as the Who Crotch®.

He also has a cut waist… Which ironically almost all of the human Doctor Who figures from CO have and yet I’ve never mentioned it before. I honestly hadn’t noticed until now. But indeed most of them have a cut waist. All the more poses you can get them into.

John Barrowman is a ladies man, so naturally Captain Jack is known for his dashing good looks as well. The figure does a pretty good job of translating that, although I think the paint obscures the face sculpt a bit. Captain Jack Harkness is interesting in that he’ll try to get in anyone’s pants, man, woman or monster, doesn’t bother him! The figure has a nice detailed sculpt with hair that looks wavy and appealing.

Paint softens the sculpt some, but it’s still pretty good.

The coat also is sculpted nice and features good designs on the front and the back. His shoulders have little details on them showing that this is more than just a regular trench coat as worn by the 10th Doctor. What’s also nice is that this is “Torchwood” Jack, as he wears this outfit regularly on the Torchwood TV show. Underneath his coat is his suspenders and even a gun holster! It’s a lot of detail that you can’t even see unless you push his coat back. He also has a new hand sculpt which is equipped so he can hold his gun properly.

I simply love how the clothes are made on these figures. At a 5 inch scale it’s hard to do soft good clothes, but CO does a very flexible rubber that works quite nicely. It’s pretty amazing to me that Character Options can do these coats and such and make them so flexible and Mattel and Hasbro have been at the toy game a lot longer and still can’t make a cape near this flexible. Ridiculous.

The first release of this figure came with his gun which is nice, but just looks like a pistol. While a pistol would be nice here, it’s very easy to just find another gun and stick it in his hand. What Jack does come with is actually much more important. The 10th Doctor’s hand!

The hand of the 10th Doctor is another of those little gems that is planted in the beginning of Season 2 and continues to come back time and time again to provide little storyline elements. Since this hand eventually becomes a fixture in both the series as well as the Tardis console itself, it’s an incredible accessory and makes this figure almost worth picking up alone just for it.

Guns not included.

The detail is nice and the way the colors are done it actually looks like the hand is floating in the fluids it does in the show. Captain Jack can carry it around or it can be laid aside for dioramas. It’s a nice piece. He also includes two pieces of the Gelth BAF, although they’re just the stand.

Additional Notes:
The look of this figure is great. Captain Jack took a bit to grow on me, but this figure is worth it for either Doctor Who fans or Torchwood fans.

I paid about $13 plus shipping for this figure. Considering how nice he is, I definitely think he’s worth it. It’s rare to have a part time helper of the Doctor and Jack Harkness fills that role nicely. Although the sculpt is a little soft at parts mostly doe to the paint aps, it’s still a great likeness and worth picking up. This is much better than the ghastly Torchwood figure of Jack.

Captain Jack meets Captain Kirk

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – 9
Accessories – 10th Doctor’s Hand in a Jar, Gelth BAF Stand
Value – 9
Overall – 8.5 out of 10

Size Comparison

If this figure would have also had his gun he’d be a 9 out 10. Since he doesn’t have the gun, I’ll give him an 8.5, but he’s still very nice. I can’t blame them for not including the gun since that was his accessory in the previous release and the hand is worth more overall. Hopefully we can get another Jack Harkness figure down the line without his coat on but in his Torchwood design.

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