Doctor Who month continues with a review of the Blue Clockwork Man. The Clockwork men come from the story ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ which just happens to be one of my favorite Doctor Who stories. Not only is it one of the best stories from Season 2, but it’s one of the best stories of all time IMO. The story takes place in Eighteenth Century Versailles and a space ship! Essentially the Doctor goes back and fourth through these time windows trying to save Madame Du Pompadour, King Louis XV’s lover, from these demented Clockwork robots.

Without too many spoilers, suffice to say it’s a story that can be quite heart wrenching. You see how the Doctor can pass in and out of someone’s life in an instant but it has a profound effect on them. It’s antogonists are the misunderstood Clockwork men who are simply out to rebuild their space ship and they need Madame Du Pompadour’s brain… Naturally. The Clockwork men themselves have various looks and this blue one is one of the several who appear throughout the episode. Character Options also sell a black and purple Clockwork Man.

More package reviews from the guy who wasn’t going to review them. This is an older figure and comes on a standard bubble card, not a clamshell. As I mentioned before the plastic on these is quite sturdy. A few twist ties later and he’s free. I should note that the packages say what “Series” this figures are from, but that basically translates into what season of the TV show. So don’t go thinking that all the series 2 figures are the second series of figures, they’re just figures from the second season.

Earlier figures had less articulation and this is apparent here. The Blue Clockwork Man has a cut joint at the neck, shoulders, legs and wrists. He also has elbow and knee joints. That’s it. Pretty basic, but also fairly realistic. The Clockwork men are robots who run on clockwork mechanisms, so it’s unlikely they’d be doing a ton of flexing anyway.

The overall sculpt is quite nice and he actually has a different sculpt than the Black Clockwork man, which is more proof of CO going the extra mile as they could have just done a simple repaint. The sculpt is fairly plain, but it certainly achieves the look overall. Underneath his “mask” we see his true head with little gold bits inside to demonstrate the clockwork inside his brain. It’s not super detailed, but it does look like the show and that’s good enough. Of course it would have been great to have every little bit as detailed as real clock parts, but that’s asking a bit much.

The paint is pretty nice, but mine has a little slop here or there. Some of the smaller buttons on the shirt and details on his blade are harder to make out and the paint on them isn’t as nice as on some figures. Still, it looks fairly good.

Opening the package it seems as though he has no accessories whatsoever! But in reality his “mask” pulls off and reveals his true face. He also has his blade that he used in the show to cut people up. This blade can be removed fairly easily if you’d like, so I’m counting them both here. That’s pretty much it and I can’t really think of anything else they need or would use.

Additional Notes:
Nothing much to add here except that the face is truly creepy, just like the ones in the TV show. That’s impressive at this scale and gives it a bit of a wow factor. Chances are you don’t have any toys like this on your shelf.

Even getting this guy imported from overseas he’s fairly cheap. The black and purple ones go for a bit more. If you’re looking to army build on the cheap, this guys is a good place to start. He’s a nice figure too, so he’s definitely worth the price. At $10-15 he may not have been as worth it.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Mask, Blade
Value – 9
Overall – 7 out of 10

All in all I’m very glad to have this figure and his brethren in my collection. The episode was truly engaging and enchanting and it’s nice to be able to have the villains from the episode in my collection, even if they really weren’t what made the episode great.

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