Since it’s St. Patrick’s day I figured why not review the greenest character in Doctor Who? Actually… I don’t know any green characters in Doctor Who, so I decided to review a little red guy instead. He’s kind of like a leprechaun though. How’s that for holiday spirit?! Plus it’s Tuesday and I think every Tuesday should be Doctor Whosday!

Today we’re reviewing the action figure of Bannakaffalatta. Bannakaffalatta appeared in Season 4 of Doctor Who and had the unique distinction of having one of the strangest names in all the Who mythos (and that’s saying something!)… Bannakaffalatta pronounced Banna-Cafe-Late, didn’t like being called by any short (pardon the pun) versions of his name. So Bannakaffalatta it is.

Bannakaffalatta was played by a little person, so I assume all his race is the same size as him. Bannakaffalatta is basically a midget version of Darth Maul, in a tux. Actually that’s not very fair. His face is slightly different than Maul’s as he has spikes protruding from his head. Actually if he was a Sith he’d probably be Darth Vader, since much like Vader he was injured in an accident and is part cyborg. That’s sort of an important plot point in the episode and we even get to see Bannakaffalatta’s inner workings. No idea if Bannakaffalatta’s accident came as result of him being an emo wuss and falling into a volcano.

The new standard package as usual. Nothing much to note about this. The Gelth wave still doesn’t tell you who you need to buy, but it does tell you about the Gelth and it’s parts. The little warning sticker you see on the front of the package isn’t on the British versions of the figures. It’s only on the ones in US. Due to different child safety laws and such.

For such a little figure (about 3 3/4) he has a lot of articulation. Cut neck, shoulders, legs, plus the Who Crotch®, cut waist and cut wrists. Swivel arm battle grip and swivel thighs as well. Knee and elbow joints complete the package.

He’s very flexible considering that he’s shrunk down in comparison to most figures in the Doctor Who line. Although it’s not as much articulation as you might see on say the Marvel Universe line, it’s still more articulation than is on the DC Infinite Heroes line. As I’ve said before, the Doctor Who line doesn’t really need to be that articulated, so the fact that it is, is just a bonus.

This figure looks pretty good. Bannakaffalatta’s spikes were a little more pointy in the show and the darkness of their ends weren’t exactly dots. Replicating this on a children’s toy was probably hard and could also be against some child safety laws, so suffice to say they did a pretty good job with what they had, but it’s not exact. That’s not to say it’s not a good sculpt on the face though, because you immediately know who this is.

Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed… Man?

Another neat feature of Bannakaffalatta is that his tuxedo shirt is removable, revealing his inner chest. It has a very Darth Vader-esque look to it, with the exception of his Iron Man-like center piece. That hole is filled by his EMP transmitter (“battery”) . Again this is important to have as this EMP device was used to release an electromagnetic pulse to destroy which killed some nasty enemies. Unfortunately as often is the case, poor Bannakaffalatta had to give his life to save the Doctor. It’s very nice to have all these pivotal elements recreated perfectly in action figure form.

Mr. Bannakaffalatta comes with his EMP battery device as well as a removable tux shirt. The rest of his accessories assortment is the Gelth BAF piece which is the large torso of the Gelth itself. All of the accessories are nice and getting this huge piece of the Gelth helps justify the price of the figure.

I paid about $13 plus shipping for this little guy. If it would have just been Bannakaffalatta alone, it would have been harder to swallow. With the piece of the Gelth it makes this figure worth the price. Bannakaffalatta is hardly the most memorable character in the Who mythos, but he is a nice compliment to the collection, especially if you have other figures from the “Voyage of the Damned” episode.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 8
Accessories – EMP Device, Tux Shirt, Gelth Torso
Value – 7
Overall – 8 out of 10

It’s nice to have Bannakaffalatta on the shelf and he has the most important piece of the Gelth build-a-figure. If you want to build the Gelth you need Bannakaffalatta and if you’re a fan of the character you can’t go wrong with this figure. Plus he makes a nice conversation piece, as you can tell people you own a Bannakaffalatta and see them look at you strange.

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