The Doctor Who figure line from Character Options is an eclectic mix of creatures and robots mixed in with a hearty amount of humans. Still with any line you’re likely to see more of one style of figure than another and in today’s economy you should expect some variants. Any Batman line is destined to have more Batmen than anything else and that’s partially true with Doctor Who as well. Although not to the extremes of figure lines here in the states.

Still there have been more 10th Doctor figures than any other style of figure in the line. To be fair the 10th Doctor has been the Doctor for most of the toyline’s run so it makes sense he’d have plenty of figures. Today I’m reviewing one of the most interesting variants of the 10th Doctor, the Aged and “Ancient” versions of him. These versions aren’t just variants for the sake of variants, but important parts of the series. In the series three finale, the Doctor is hit with a laser blast from the Master that shows him in his real age… First several hundred years old and then eventually “Ancient” to his actual age where the Doctor just shrivels into a little Yoda-like being.

This is the current standard clamshell package. Nothing of note. This is part of the Gelth BAF series and it was previously released in another series without the Gelth BAF part. The back of the package describes the Gelth and doesn’t list anything about the figures.

Despite being released more than any other figure in the Doctor Who line, the 10th Doctor has the unique flaw of never being upgraded to include a swivel bicep. Why? Because apparently the 10th Doctor doesn’t like swivel arm battle grip! This continues on his “Aged” form where he has the standard articulation minus the bicep swivels. Also of note is that the Aged Doctor can’t turn his head! Why? Because they sculpted him a new neck, a turkey neck to be exact and it makes it immobile. While that’s a shame, it’s definitely worth the sacrifice. Overall he has cut shoulders, thighs, knee joints, elbow joints and swivel wrist. He has the modified T-Crotch that is standard in the Doctor Who line that isn’t really a T-Crotch at all, but thus far lacks a good term on how to explain it. Maybe by the time I’m done reviewing all these figures I’ll have coined a new term for it… Maybe the “Who Crotch”?

The “Ancient” Doctor has NO articulation. It looks like he has shoulder articulation and trust me, you can make it move… But it’s not supposed to. It’s one solid piece. I nearly twisted my little guy’s arm off thinking it could move. It can not move. Don’t even try. Seriously.

Making a figure of an old man isn’t easy. I say that because we rarely see old men figures. Think about it. All the figures of “old people” tend to look too young and I think that says something about our soceity, or at least toy making. I can’t think of another old figure actually… At least not that looks old. Even Gran Moff Tarkin’s figures tend to make him look younger than he is.

Not this guy! He’s sculpted to look like an old man. This guy looks old. He’s loaded down with wrinkles, creases and even liver spots! His balding hair looks about as realistic as I’ve ever seen and is remarkable on this 5 inch scale. He sort of eerily looks like my Grandfather. The aforementioned turkey neck is a nice feature too. Old people do not have young necks!

The Ancient Doctor has a lot less detail but is a nice little figure. For whatever reason when the Doctor turns “ancient” he looks like an anime character and that’s translated here with the big sappy eyes and little hands and feet. He has a matching custom made suit too. Nice of the Master to make that for him.

Paint wise these guys are great, except for one minor flaw. The paint is very important here as there is an old man wash all over the figure. I don’t know how else to explain it, but look at an old person… Now look at your skin. The skin is different. As you age you get lots of little spots and color pigment changes in you. Even the hands have the wash which makes them look old as well. This figure accurately represents that and it’s really pretty impressive. Unfortunately on mine the hair on the back of the head isn’t painted as nicely as it could be. There’s some slop and even some missed spots. It looks to me like possibly the hair was painted before the old man wash was applied? Either way it sort of works because some old people have really thin hair that starts to look flesh colored, but I’d prefer a sharper paint job.

Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage…

Two ways to look at this figure. Is it a two pack with no accessories or a single pack with a bonus figure accessory? Originally I looked at this as a two pack, but after finding out that the Ancient Doctor has no articulation I’m inclined to believe the latter. Which makes this Aged Doctor come with an Ancient Doctor accessory. Looking at it like that, makes this a nice little accessory and an important one. Your mileage may vary.

This figure also comes with the head of the Gelth BAF. I’m going to assemble most of the Gelth so expect a review of that eventually, but I will not that it’s a pretty translucent yellow/orange/red mixture and looks quite stunning.

Additional Notes:
The Ancient Doctor cage you see in my pictures comes from the dollar store. It’s a little grow circus animal in a cage that I cut out. This was a real pain in the butt to do because the little cage is made of super cheap plastic and underneath it is a clear glass plastic that’s very sturdy. For $1 though it might be worth it for you to pick one up if you want to make a little cage for the Ancient Doctor as he appeared in the show. I’m still on the lookout for a better cage since this one doesn’t quite look bird cage-y enough. As well I damaged it in taking it apart, but it’ll do for now.

This guy ran about $13 plus shipping which is a tad steep for yet another 10th Doctor figure, but give that this is really two figures and a BAF piece, plus they are both important variants in the series, I definitely think they end up being worth it. If you didn’t like the episodes in which the Doctor was reduced to these old man states, you could skip out on them.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 6
Accessories – Ancient Doctor, Gelth Head
Value – 7
Overall – 7.5 out of 10

I like this set, but was quite disappointed that the Ancient Doctor doesn’t move. It’s still cool to have both figures and I’ve very surprised as how well the Ancient Doctor stands up. These are cool little figures but could be better with some extra accessories or articulation. The paint is incredible though, minor issues notwithstanding and I’m happy with the purchase all in all.

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    “I can’t think of another old figure actually… At least not that looks old.”

    Two words: Admiral McCoy

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