Today we’re taking a look at a Doctor Who line, that might have been. In the late 1990’s, BlueBird toys, makers of Polly Pocket and Mighty Max, devised a minature line of Doctor Who toys. They had several figures planned out and the formula would follow that of the Polly Pocket brand. Only one set ever made it to market, the “Domain of the Daleks” pictured above. It included Davros and the 4th Doctor.

Many other sets were planned, including the Tardis from the TV Movie. It would unfold, revealing the Eye of Harmony. It was set to include both the TV movie Master and Doctor. This would have no doubt been a rare and interesting piece.

Unfortunately these toys would never come to pass for a variety of reasons.

BlueBird toys was eventually bought by Mattel, who had no interest in making Doctor Who for the UK market. It’s unlikely that these toys would have ever hit American shores anyway, but if you needed another reason to dislike Matty, here’s a good one.

Also planned was a Micro Machines style series of figures and vehicles. I think this is something that perhaps could be revisited.

Last but not least, they had plans for a full line of classic Sonic Screwdrivers. This too would be scrapped as BlueBird struggled to stay afloat. Thankfully Character Options has begun making their own classic Sonics.

It’s doubtful we’ll ever see any of these toys. The Polly Pocket brand has been drastically changed under the Mattel leadership and Doctor Who has went on to a completely different license. These toys would have been fun to hold Who fans over during the early 90’s, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. It’s fun to take a look back at what could have been and imagine all those Doctor Who/Mighty Max crossovers.

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