Doctor Whosday just a little bit late. It’s been a busy week, but I vow to get these Doctor Who reviews up as close to Tuesday as possible. Today we’re taking a look at a figure that’s very similar to one we’ve already reviewed, but the single card release is a bit different.

Doctor Who Classics Wave 2
Mummy Robot
5 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

Although they appear as Mummies, the mummified beings in Doctor Who are not traditional Mummies. Instead of being mummified remains of a human or some other creature, they are actually wire robots in a mummy-like encasing.

The Osirian Service Robots were robots that were disguised as mummies and were used by such Osirians as Sutekh and Horus. After Scarman was killed by Sutekh in his tomb, a faithful follower brought the Mummies to Priory House in England in sarcophagi. They had been confined to a locked wing of the house but had been active for sometime.

The Mummies were powered by a cytronic particle accelerator which was in the shape of a pyramid and located on the back. They took voice commands from whoever they are programmed to obey. A special ring was used to activate them or countermand their orders. They were also extremely strong, being able to man handle humans around with ease and could easily strangle someone.

The Mummies appeared in a particularly fun Tom Baker 4th Doctor adventure known as the Pyramids of Mars. The evil Sutekh wants to take over and the Doctor must stop him. Not only are the Mummies uniquely recognizable, they also put a modern twist on an old favorite. In a scene right out of Scooby-Doo, the Doctor actually poses as one of the Mummies during the episode!

The Doctor Who Classics series comes in a standard clamshell. Thus far the Classics series hasn’t switched it’s logos to reflect the changes in the modern Doctor Who logo. It should be noted, that this is technically Wave 2 of the Doctor Who Classics, but there was an entire sub-wave released called the “AGE OF STEEL” which could be confused for Wave 2.

The front of the package has a decent shot of the Mummy, although it almost looks CGI to me. Which of course, the Mummies were most assuredly not! It’s just a grainy shot I suppose. The back shows off the rest of the figures in this all villain wave.

Let’s be perfectly clear, this is a re-release of the Mummy that was included in the 4th Doctor Adventure Set. However there are a couple of minor differences and I’ll look at them here, as well as review the figure in general. Many people missed the 4th Doctor Adventure set, so this is their first time encountering these Mummies.

From the front and side, the distinctive shape of the Mummy is ever present. I really liked the way Character Options was able to capture the look of this guy the first time I saw him and that hasn’t changed a bit in this re-release. I really like the broad shoulders and big square peg in a round hole type of design. He stands out and he’s fun.

The only real deco difference seems to be that his paint has more of a brown wash than the other Mummy from the Adventure Set. I think it’s pretty noticeable, but I mean, it’s still a minor thing. Some people may not want two Mummies, although four or five actually appeared in the serial. The army builder in me, suggests I pick up a couple more.

The cytronic particle accelerator or big red triangle, is ever present as it was on the first release. There is a lot of detail and texture in the bandages. This is one sharp looking Mummy Robot and a real treat from the old series. The Mummies got a fair amount of hate from Who fans, but I like them. What would Halloween be without some Mummies?!

These guys go especially good with your Pyramid of Mars 4th Doctor figure. That figure never was released here in the States, which is a shame for many Who fans. I plan on putting my Mummies next to him, but in the meantime they can chase around my original recipe Tom.

Despite the fact that the Mummies were pretty much big lugs in the episodes they appeared, they have a fair range of articulation in their plastic form.

This allows you to really pose these guys. They seem poised to strangle their next victim. I did find the arm joint a little tight on this guy, but it popped free with no breakage. Doctor Who figures tend to have tight joints, but I’ve never had one snap on me.

They can even sort of walk like an Egyptian! Because, you know, Mummies are big Bangles fans.

I think you’ll be satisfied with the articulation on these dudes.

The original Mummy robot figure came with a Canopic jar that featured an Anubis head. It was really nice and I liked it a lot. Inside was also a force field generator, which was an important part of the episode. The good news is that the single carded Mummy comes with an even better Canopic jar!

Once again the jar features the force field generator that can be placed inside. The paint deco on the jar itself this time is even sharper, with more dirt and grime. This time however, the head of the jar is of Ra, the eagle go of the sun. The hieroglyphics are the same, however.

Despite that, the hieroglyphics on the interior force field generator (or Egyptian Thermos if you will) are different. Noticeably different. A very cool extra mile that clearly, Character Options didn’t have to go.

Like everything else, prices on the Doctor Who figures have went up. The Classics line is the worst, because many of the figures prices are jacked up due to popularity. Mummy enthusiasts need not to worry however, because the Mummy Robot isn’t very popular can be found for retail price. I think he’s worth it too, because he’s got a nice sculpt, good paint and articulation and a great pair of accessories.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 8
Accessories – Canopic Jar, Force Field Generator
Value – 8
Overall – 8 out of 10

I’m certain that someone will disagree with me, but I think this figure is a solid 8 out of 10. Honestly, aside from just being a bit of a dull character, he’s essentially perfect. I can’t imagine anyone being able to make a better Mummy Robot figure.

If you’re a fan of Mummies or the classic Doctor Who serials, than this guy would make a great addition to your collection. Even though I only have two, when I got to fiddling around with the single card version for this review I realized I want more. I’m certain to pick up another couple of Mummies. They’re that good.

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  • Bill says:

    Great review, Newton. This is a nice little figure.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I LOVE Character Options! They always go the extra mile. They could have released this figure with the same jar, or no jar at all, and I'd have been happy, but they made a new one. This lil' extra bit of "love" make the slightly high price easier to swallow. Are you LISTENING Mattel?!

  • Thanks Bill.

    CO does little things like that and it's hard not to love them for it. Those extra little details really help out.

  • dailypop says:

    Nice review! I'm waiting on my Mummy and Voc Robot to arrive actually. Maybe even grab a K-1 Robot. What do you think about the upcoming Sontaran set?

  • Thanks. I've heard the rumors, but I don't usually speculate until I see some sort of physical confirmation. If the rumors are true, I'd like a Pertwee in red. Although I'd much rather have single card Sontarans. I like to army build.

    I'm curious to see if they'd really do a ship. It'd mark the first time they'd be exploring outside of Tardis(es). But until I see a Chinese leak or an official announcement, I'll keep my anticipation mute.

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