First up David Tennant will be doing a stint on the Sarah Jane Smith Adventures as the Timelord in the CBBC series across two episodes this autumn. Tennant is being replaced as The Doctor by Matt Smith, 26, next year but he is due to appear in three specials, starting with The Waters of Mars in November.

However there could be more in the works…

BBC News recently did a story on David Tennant’s appearance on The Sarah Jane Adventures. At the end of the article, a BBC spokeswoman confirms that there is “a script is in development”. There are no other details at this time, but speculation has begun as to who will play the Time Lord if Doctor Who makes it to the big screen as David Tennant hands the part over to Matt Smith next year.


It wouldn’t surprise me if they went for some sort of big screen adaptation to push Matt Smith into the new role of the Doctor. Which could be why they chose the Twilight look-a-like to be in the role in the first place. They could have a big Time War style movie planned starring Tennant for half and then have him turn into Smith for half.

Either way it’s nice to see that Tennant’s 10th Doctor is getting some more screen time, both with Sarah Jane and whatever this “script” could be in terms of a major motion picture.

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