Krynoids are large, carnivorous plants that are often considered to be intra-galactic weeds. They’re also a famous villain of Doctor Who, appearing in a memorable Tom Baker story during the Season 13 Seeds of Doom Episode. Originally slated to appear with the Doctor Who Classics Series 2 Action figures as a BAF, or Build-a-Figure.

For whatever reason, the Krynoid figure didn’t make it to the Classics Series 2 and there was no BAF at all. Now pictures of the Krynoid have finally surfaced for the first time on Ebay. As is the norm with these figures showing up on Ebay, this means that the toy has been created in some form and has slipped out of a factory.

When and where will this figure show up? Will it still be a BAF? Will it appear in a SDCC exclusive pack? As is always the case with these sorts of dealings, especially when it comes to Character Options Doctor Who toy line… Nobody knows. Let the speculation commence.

One thing is for certain though, the figure looks excellent and it will be a welcome addition to any Doctor Who collector’s shelf. Let’s hope it becomes available in the near future without having to sell a kidney to get it.

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