Even Doctor Whosday is going under a 31 Days of Halloween theme. Each Tuesday I’ll be not only looking at a Doctor Who toy, but one that fits under a Halloween motif as well. This week? The alien creature that just happens to look like a traditional Halloween goblin of sorts, the Krillitane!

Doctor Who
Grey Krillitane
5 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

The Krillitanes appeared in the new Doctor Who Season 2 episode entitled “School Reunion”, which marked the return of Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 to the series. It’s perhaps more famous for the return of Sladen and the subsequent launch of the Doctor Who spinoff, “The Sarah Jane Adventures” than the monsters themselves.

The Krillitanes are a race that can take physical features from races they conquered. The Krillitanes are able to take the abilities from other species, giving them new appearances and qualities. They could also create morphic illusions, giving them the appearance of yet other species. In 2007, a group of Krillitanes led by Brother Lassar landed in Deffry Vale in London. They took over Deffry Vale High School, disguising themselves as the teachers. Using Krillitane oil and an advanced computer network, they were using the brains and imagination of the students as a type of computer in order to work out the Skasis Paradigm.

Originally the Krillitanes were to be named “Krillians” until the BBC found the name was trademarked. There were several versions of this figure released. Because the creatures appear to be two colors in the show, faint red and grey with reddish hues, Character Options released a red and grey version. They also had open and closed mouth versions of each. This is the more standard Krillitane.

The front of the package lists this as a “grey” Krillitane, so despite my spell checker’s insistence, that’s what I’m going with here. I hate the word gray/grey as it’s a truly annoying language difference that boggles the mind. The UK win this one, but colour and encyclopaedia is just stupid.

The package is the standard early series packaging that we’ve seen plenty of by now. I still like it. The picture of the Krillitane definitely looks more reddish on the package than the figure, however. There’s some debate on the color of Krillitanes in general amongst the Who community. I’m content to say that there are two shades of them.

The back of the package shows us the other figures in the Series 2 wave. Pretty good assortment that relates specifically to those Series 2 stories. Nary a Doctor in the bunch.

I’ve shown this before, but here it is again. The inside Tardis backer card has a neat series of designs. I’ve always liked it and it really pops behind the figure. Something the newer cards are missing, for certain.

Right out of the package the wings aren’t attached. They actually come in two separate little baggies. The sculpt is good without the wings. They remind me a bit of the Alien Demons from the old Blackstar line.

The body is well detailed, with just enough in the way of wrinkles and crevices to make the creature look dynamic. Krillitanes in their current form, look a lot like goblins or gargoyles from classic stories. That really gives this figure a lot of purpose even for non-Who collectors.

The wings can be placed into the back via two pegs. The wings are actually articulated via these two hinges and allow for various degrees of flapping poses. Thankfully there is no “squeeze his legs, make them flap” action.

The wings themselves have a decent paint job, though the veins are a bit cartoony in detail. It looks better in person than in pictures, however, because the wings do have a translucent quality that can’t seem to be captured on film. That’s good, because the CGI Krillitanes looked a bit translucent themselves in the episode. That could be why there is some discrepancy on their true color.

The entire figure has a reddish brown wash over it. That is to try and replicate the aforementioned mysterious color of the creatures. The red version of the figure has a greyish wash on it. Essentially doing the same thing, but in reverse. The faces have a certain dog-like quality about them. That’s part of the design, but it’s replicated well here. Although the Krillitanes only really appeared in one episode during the show, they’ve appeared in several novels since. That helps to flesh out a bit more about how they look and act.

Visually speaking, this is a great figure to add to any collection. He works as a horror gargoyle or in any sort of Halloween display. It’s also not a bad Doctor Who figure, either. Especially if you’ve read some of the expanded stories. I don’t think the figures were super popular at the time they were originally released, because they were featured in a story where they didn’t get a lot of play.

A surprising lot of articulation for this figure. Despite coming early in the line, Character Options gave the Krillitanes a ton of joints. That’s one of the things I like about the Doctor Who line, is that articulation is often based off of character and design.

The arms and legs at the shoulders and hips are both pin/post style ball joints. Swivel hinges, if you prefer. The design gives you a full range of movement, which is really good for a character like this. Plenty of swooping and flying poses are at your disposal. Unfortunately in the case of the legs, the “ball joint” gets loose pretty easily and since this guy is top heavy, it’s hard for him to stand without a tendency to do the splits.

The elbows and knees have your standard hinges. These work well and the only thing I might would have added was a swivel at the wrist. That could have upped the posing a bit.

The neck is a simple cut joint, but it’s nice that it’s here. I know other companies that would have omitted it, just because. The wings have hinges as previously mentioned. Also, on the open mouth version, the jaw is a pliable rubber, so you can use it to bite down on things. It’s not officially articulated, but it has a little movement.

As is so often the case with Doctor Who figures, there are no accessories to be had here.

A flight stand would have been nice, I think. I used my Obitsu Figure Stand with him for a few poses. It’s a bit clunky, but worked out okay.

Even without any accessories, this is a pretty substantial figure and you don’t feel too left out without any extra goodies. I always like a nice accessory, but this is another case of a figure where I don’t know what accessory he would come with anyway. I do wish there was some sort of stand, I suppose, since the legs can get a bit wobbly.

At the $8-$10 these originally went for they’re a pretty good value. Even now they can be had for about that much and in some cases less. I liked this figure a lot more than I originally believed I would. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Krillitanes, but I now realize that this figure makes a great gargoyle/demon and I’ll probably pick up some more. The red ones especially look like demons.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 8
Accessories – N/A
Value – 9
Overall – 8 out of 10

I bumped the Krillitane up pretty high because I really found myself liking this guy. I can see lots of applications for this figure beyond just Doctor Who. Just as a Who baddie, he’s a bit bland, but as a monster? The possibilities are sort of endless.

“Stop flapping around and get down here and fight!”

If you’re looking for an extra gargoyle for your Halloween Town displays or need another creature for Hellboy to track down, this is your guy. He’s also good for your Who displays, just to add a little diversity. Krillitanes are spooky fun.

We’ve got more Halloween themed Doctor Who toys coming at your all month long on our 31 Days of Halloween and you can always check Twitter for updates. Leave a comment below suckas!

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  • Mary says:

    I got a feeling you have WAY too much fun taking pictures of the figures.

  • Too much, or perhaps…. NOT ENOUGH?

  • Bill says:

    This is one of the few figures in the Doctor Who line that I think is a failure. I don't think the facial likeness is accurate to the ones on the show. Granted, it IS nicely sculpted, as are all the DW figures, but there's just something "off" about it for me. It's a shame, as "School Reunion" is one of my favorite (favourite?) episodes. That might just be due to Sarah Jane and K9, though.

    HEY! How 'bout a K9 review? THAT is one of this line's BEST figures!

  • I'll cover K-9 with the new Tom Baker figure I guess. I do have a K-9 around here, but that'll give me a chance to hit em both at the same time. I may dedicate November to Doctor Who exclusively, not sure yet.

    I think the face may be a bit big overall in comparison to the ones on the show, especially in the open mouth version.

  • Tom Joad says:

    I really wish that when the founding fathers 'fixed' the english language they could have ignored some of the more innocuous words like 'colour' and 'encyclopaedia' and instead devoted their attention to some of those words that i spell wrong EVERY single time i write them like: 'necessarily' and 'accessible' (and more appropriately 'collectible').

  • Fengschwing says:

    I vote for a Who month in November!
    Seen the Underhenge set yet?

  • Yeah, don't know if it'll end up available on this side of the pond or not though.

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