Doctor Who
Hath Peck
5 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

From the very beginning, the Character Options Doctor Who line has played by a different set of rules. Sure, they’ve released a fair amount of Doctor and Dalek figures, but nearly every wave there is at least one offbeat character that wouldn’t normally be thought of as an action figure. Sometimes an entire wave can be filled with odd character selections (Wave 1 of Series 5 I’m looking at you!) but that can also lead to us getting little gems, like Hath Peck.

Hath Peck was a Hath fighting in the war against the Humans on Messaline. He was caught in a blast detonated by Jenny and had a dislocated shoulder. His comrades kidnapped Martha Jones. Martha puts his shoulder back in place just as the Hath was about to kill her he told them not to. The Hath discovered that there were secret tunnels in there base so they were forced to raid them to win the war. Martha found a passageway to the top of the planet and signaled Peck to come with her, he did so. As they were walking Martha fell into a swamp and she started to sink. Peck saved her by getting in the water and hoisting her to Land. As a result Peck went underwater and drowned. Martha was evidently affected by his death.

Hath Peck wasn’t a very popular character, despite appearing in a pretty interesting episode. The figure is also an army builder, since all Hath pretty much look the exact same. It was this reason and the amazing amount of detail on this figure, that eventually led to me picking him up.

This is the modern (though not the current) version of the Doctor Who package. A clamshell, with interior shaped like the Tardis. This series had the swank purple backdrop.

Mr. Peck (No relation to Gregory?) is nicely displayed on the front. Inside the figure isn’t in any wacky poses or goofy stances. Of course, maybe those would have helped sell the figure. Inside is five containment twist ties, four on the Hath, one for his gun.

The back of the packages shows the other figures in the series, including Vashta Nerada, Time Lord, Davros and River Song.

For all intents and purposes in the television show, the Hath Peck and his fellow Hath brethren were guys in masks and army jumpsuits. I wish the race was the Peck and his name Hath, though, if only to give me an excuse to call his friends and family, Peckers!

At first glance, the simple design of the characters may not do much for you. It took me quite a while to get the nerve to buy Hath Peck, as he just didn’t seem all that interesting to me. That seems to be a pretty common trend, as Peck wasn’t a big seller stateside.

It’s really when you get this figure in hand, up close that you can truly start to appreciate him. The head sculpt is a great contrast to the costume, with vibrant colors and detailed sculpting. The strange Hath breathing apparatus is faithfully recreated and the inner green ooze looks as though it should be moving around. It’s actually paint, but very well done.

Perhaps even more surprising to me, was how much I liked the army fatigues of Peck. As good as the head looks, the sculpt on his clothing is just as wonderful. There are tons of paint aps here, with lots of little bits of shading and the like, which I wasn’t expecting. They really did a tremendous job here and it makes me long for more army style figures from Character Options.

When you put it all together, Hath Peck stands out as a really interesting figure. Visually, he may not pop as much as most, but when you really get to working with him, you’ll find that his details are superb. I’m definitely thinking of doing something with a small platoon of these guys.

Articulation for the Doctor Who line is always pretty good and yet, surprisingly varying. Hath Peck has a few different points than most, although he’s generally the same.

You get a cut neck, cut shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, Who Crotch (C), hinged knees and swivel boots. The boots aren’t on every figure, but Hath Peck gets them.

That’s just about as much articulation as you could get without a couple of ball joints. I personally don’t think they need them, but I know some fans would enjoy those where appropriate. Regardless, you can definitely pose this guy a fair amount.

Not all Doctor Who figures come with accessories and when they do, it’s rare you get more than one or two. One seems to be the standard. Peck follows in that tradition.

The Hath Peck figure gets his futuristic gun from the episode. Given the long war that the Hath have been in, this gun is pretty standard for them. It’s molded in all black, but has a fair amount of sculpted detail.

The gun’s handle is a bit awkward, especially the positioning. If you’re looking for an easy grip, I suggest have him holding the larger “ammo clip” at the bottom of the gun. That said, he can hold the actual handle, but it’s not as solid of a grip.

I listed this guy at a pretty average price for the era he was released. In all actuality, I paid far less for him. You can find this guy pretty readily at under $5 and because he was re-released with a BAF piece, there are lots of Pecks to go around. He’s decent value at the original retail price, but for under $5 there really isn’t a good reason not to army build the crap out of this guy.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 6
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 8
Accessories – Gun
Value – 8
Overall – 8 out of 10

I really like this figure. He’s a bit of an obscure character, but the toy ends up being very detailed and realistic. He has a real Call of Duty vibe to him. If you know, the guys in Call of Duty had pink fishheads. The real world military design of the costume is part of the charm though.

“Why are you pointing that gun at me?”


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