We first got a shot of the Krynoid in April, with a reveal of the Delgado version of The Master in June. Now finally the two are coming together for a later August, early September release of the The Master and Axon. You may wonder why the Krynoid is now flesh colored and called an Axon. In fact it was an Axon first. The humanoid Krynoid costume was a modified Axon costume. I suspect we’ll get a Kyrnoid eventually, since that leaked test proto was in Krynoid colors.

In this exclusive action figure set comes the Master, the arch enemy of the Doctor, as first played by Roger Delgado and the Axon creature. This set comprises of both the Master in his iconic suit with his Tissue Compression Eliminator weapon accessory and an Axon creature as they appeared together in the adventure ‘The Claws of Axos’.

I’m sort of surprised that this wasn’t revealed at SDCC. This would have been the big news that many fans were expecting, but never quite got. Regardless, this marks just another huge release. This year has seen so many incredible Doctor Who releases. The Axon leads me to believe the Krynoid won’t be far behind but now will start the questioning of who he’ll be packed with? We shall see.

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  • Lt_Clutch says:

    Both the Delgado and Ainley Masters in one year ain't bad at all! We should also be seeing Ainley in his regular Master attire or Delgado in his commissioner outfit from Frontier in Space at some point real soon.

  • I definitely wouldn't be surprised if we did.

  • Bill says:

    I thought I could take a break from buying Who figures after I got the Silver Nemesis Cybermen and the 11 Doctor Set (THE Toy of the Year, IMO). Now along comes this beautiful Master figure!

    Maybe I should just start sending Character Options my entire paycheck!

  • Yeah I hear you on that Bill. CO might as well just attach itself to my bank account as of late.

  • Adam says:

    Now we just need a complete set of 6 Master figures that has an exclusive Eric Roberts figure…

  • Michael says:

    I'm in the UK and a little disappointed with this release. The Delgados are a mixed bag as far as paint jobs go, some are really fleshed out and look scarily lifelike, and others lack the wrinkles and lines that made Roger Delgado look like Roger Delgado. I like the Axon, but it looks like a Krynoid painted red. There were differences in the costume even when it was reused, so it would be cool to see a Krynoid after.

    From what I (and others on forums I add, for the most part) have heard, there's still a bit more to come – the Fourth Doctor and K9, a re-release of the Sixth Doctor with the head from the 11 Doctors Set, packaged with a Cyberman from Attack of the Cybermen. Apparently this will be followed by two sets, in the same new packaging style as this one*, of The Brig/Omega and Jo Grant/Gell Guard. Davros and Linx have both definitely been sculpted, its just a matter of waiting for their release. All of these figures will be exclusive, and the chances of a third wave of mass retail classics are slim.

    * The figures come in a small window box, not the usual clamshell packaging.

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