Do you see that? It’s Doctor Who Classic figures at MY Toys R Us. Here… In America. Not England. Not the UK. Good Ol’ US of A. Certain TRU locations in the past in areas like New York have gotten Who before. Toys R Us online carries a select couple of Doctor Who figures… But to actually walk into my local TRU and buy a Doctor Who figure, AWESOME!

Of course it’s not all good. For starters it’s just a repaint. Secondly, it’s a pretty terrible repaint as it’s regeneration Colin Baker. Colin Baker is probably the least popular Doctor of all. The Sixth Doctor regeneration was not a figure I would have bought online, but at $13 in my local TRU I had to buy it.

He doesn’t even come with a Sonic lance or Screwdriver. Crummy figure. But… HEY IT’S DOCTOR WHO IN TRU! I really hope this means Underground Toys and Character Options have plans of getting other Doctor Who exclusives to our shores via Toys R Us.

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  • Bill White says:

    Not at the one in Kingston, MA, yet. I asked a clerk, and he said to check Wednesday or Thursday, as that is when new stuff is put out.

    The big surprise was that he was familiar with Doctor Who!

  • Michael says:

    I have noticed the increased amount of specialty figures at TRU the last time I was there. I do not recall seeing Dr. Who, though.

  • Jason Hess says:

    Though the Sixth Doctor isn’t on my top list of favorite Doctors, and certainly not the regeneration outfit figure; it’s still good to see them popping up. Next time I am at my local TRU I will be sure to look around and check; if they carry them I know my kids will not let us leave without picking up one or two.

  • BHC says:

    I felt the same way when i saw this figure at TRU. I about had a heart attack. but they only had the colin baker figures too. I wished they would’ve had peter or paul. I’d rather pay $14/$15 for one rather than what people will price them on the net.

  • David says:

    Somehow this figure is the one of the few I missed, and it was actually available in the US mass market.

    If anyone ever has a spare (even open) let me know

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