Most GI Joe fans don’t know about Doctor Venom, the man who was the forefather of evil Cobra science. Long before Dr. Mindbender performed his genetic experiments, Venom was cooking people’s minds with his brain wave scanner. It was a huge plot device in the old Marvel comics that ran long after Doctor Venom perished (which was pretty early on) but now word is coming out of JoeCon that he may be gone but not forgotten.

For 25 years fans have been clammoring for a Doctor Venom figure and despite tons of obscure characters being plucked from the comics in the last decade, Venom has been left out. Well not anymore! The GI Joe Club will be bringing him to town as an exclusive, as well a 25th or modern style of the Adventure Team. Check out the pictures below. This is best picture currently available but hopefully the club will get some nicer shots on their website soon.

What’s next Bongo the Balloon Bear? Big credit to Joe Battle Lines for great coverage.

3 Responses to Doctor Venom GI Joe Club Exclusive

  • Sam says:

    as great as this news is, i’m worried about the price of him. I’ve never joined the club because of it being so pricey and i fear i’ll miss out him.

  • I’ll definitely be curious to see what the pricing turns out to be. That could be make or break with him. I wish the free figure for joining the club was a 25th style figure. I don’t mind getting Big Lob, but I’m so over vintage style figures.

  • Michael says:

    This is one of the reasons I am glad I jumped ship on GI JOE. The club exclusives are always expensive.

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