TNA Wrestling (Deluxe Impact Series 5)
Rob Terry
7.5 Inch Scale
By: Jakks Pacific

Rob Terry is a classic case of a “big guy” being pushed to the moon because of his size. Terry is a former bodybuilder who first debuted in TNA as part of the British Invasion stable. He worked mostly in a muscle bodyguard role, only occasionally wrestling in tag matches. He wasn’t a terrible worker, but he still clearly needed a few more years of seasoning.

But as if often the case, when a new creative team took over, they decided that Terry should be one of the guys the company should revolve around. To his credit, Terry tried hard to get over and did improve in the ring as best he could, but it was destined to fail. As Global Champion, Rob Terry was thrust upon the TNA fanbase during a tumultuous time when many were unhappy with the changes in creative (thanks to Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan) and they rebelled against Terry as a result.

As time has went on, Rob Terry was depushed and has slowly found his niche back in the big man bodyguard role. Rob Terry deserves some praise as he never developed an ego and continues to work on honing his craft in Ohio Valley Wrestling, while also working with TNA as Robbie T. Jakks TNA Deluxe Impact series 5 has the big man and the Global title in one package. After reviewing several WWE Mattel figures, does Terry have enough muscles to stack up?

Originally Jakks had a clever six sided ring package, but when TNA dropped that ring, Jakks had to adjust to make it a four sided ring package. It works okay, but some of the novelty is lost. The red and silver coloring is nice albeit a bit dark.

For the most part the package is just fine. Terry is displayed nicely and the belt is visible. Even though Impact doesn’t use the red color scheme anymore, TNA still does on pay-per-views and other events. Jakks has since updated their packaging to reflect the Impact Wrestling concept from TNA.

While some have critiqued the Deluxe Impact style for being too big, muscled and bulbous, it actually fits like a glove for Rob Terry. The man is built almost exactly like a Deluxe Impact figure. He’s a huge dude, so the figure reflects that well.

The likeness is pretty good too. I’m not a huge fan of screaming head scans, but this looks enough like Rob Terry that I don’t mind. At least he’s doing an angry or intense look, as opposed to smiling like the recent Big Show figure. The paint is quite good on the hair, although it does get a bit sloppy on the sides. Jakks seems to be able to do hair paint a lot better than Mattel for some reason.

The head sculpt might be a tad big, but it’s not as bad as some in the line like Hulk Hogan. My only complaint is that the head has a hard time sitting up straight on the neck. It can be done on mine, but it almost seems like there’s a bit of excess plastic flashing in there or something. I need to pop it off and check it out.

Which brings me to another point… This guy feels cheap. Not bootleg cheap, but cheaper than some of Jakks efforts. I noticed this on some of the last WWE figures from Jakks as well. They clearly have augmented their plastics a bit and as a result, some of this figure just feels cheaper overall. It’s also more prone to flashing and chipping. There is some good detail in the sculpt itself, though, with bulging veins and the like.

“He’s freaky!”

The body itself is really good for Rob Terry, as I said above. He looks just like him from several angles, including the back. Terry has one of those huge backs that you could play a movie on and it’s emulated well in this figure. He also has all of his details on his tights.

Terry wears unique boots as well and sure enough, Jakks has them. This has been something they’ve struggled with through the years, often using the wrong molds even when they have the rights ones on file. However Terry has the exact type of boots he actually wears in real life. It’s a great figure in that regard.

I actually think his scale is pretty good. He’s big, but not too big. He can even fit in with your Mattel figures, if you’re not super hardcore about scale. Terry is a big guy and the Deluxe Impact style fits him well.

The Deluxe Impact style has a ton of articulation. You can pose this guy quite freely. However, remember that cheap plastic I talked about in the sculpt section? Well it has an effect here as well. Terry’s arms are loose as a goose and it’s clear to me that the plastic is reason for it.

That doesn’t mean you can’t pose him, it just means that he won’t always hold that pose as well as he should. Mattel’s figures have been tighter for the most part overall and I was surprised that Terry was this loose, as I haven’t had this issue with other Jakks TNA figures. He also seems to have limited movement in his torso crunch, because of the cheaper plastic. It’s just odd.

The legs are a bit better, but not much. There just doesn’t seem to be anyone who can make a wrestling figure capable of a basic big boot. The Mattel Elites struggle to perform this simple move as well. C’est la vie.

One of the reasons I bought Rob Terry was for his title belt. He comes with the Global Title. Of course if you follow TNA now, you’ll note that the Global Title has been renamed the Television Title. It’s actually the third name change for the belt. Originally it was brought in by Booker T as an almost fictional belt, dubbed the “Legends” Title.

TNA always struggled with the fact that they really didn’t have a midcard title. The Legends Title worked at the time, because TNA had a decent little roster of older guys who could fight for it. Once most of those old guys were off the roster, TNA renamed the belt to be the Global Title. I liked that moniker, but someone at TNA didn’t, thinking it undercut the World Title and thus it was renamed to the TV Title.

Whatever the name, it’s a beautiful belt. Unfortunately Jakks seems to have made the strap PINK! The actual Global/TV title does have a reddish-pink hue to it, but Jakks seems to have taken it just a tad too far to the pink level. It’s annoying, as I really like the belt, but the strap color is bothersome. Trust me, I know in some photos the belt looks red. It’s not. It’s pink. There’s also no paint on the belt. There is some great detail to it, though and it even says the word “global” in very small font on the front.

These weren’t terribly expensive when they came out, at about $9, which is cheaper than even Mattel WWE Basics. At the price, they’re hard to complain about. TNA’s website is actually running a sale on these figures right now and you can purchase ol’ Rob Terry for $5.99! If you score him for that price, even with his flaws, he’s a good value.

If you pay a bit more, his value will go down a bit. The cheap plastic results in a couple of minor issues with the head and the articulation. The belt is also a little too pink for my liking. Which means he’s got a lot weighing against him, as Terry isn’t really a popular character. BUT, the style does fit him well and he’s a pretty solid entry overall. I wouldn’t want to pay $15 for this guy, but at $6-$9 he feels like a good purchase.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Paint – 8
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Global Title
Value – 7
Overall – 7 out of 10

I’m torn between a 7 and a 7.5 for this guy, but ultimately I’ve decided on a 7. Something about him just doesn’t feel that great, even though he’s a pretty good value. I appreciate that this guy can be had for under $10, though, even with a few flaws. There just aren’t many toys of this size that can be bought for such cheap prices. Jakks could improve their quality a bit, but overall Rob Terry is a decent, if not amazing figure.

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