More Doctor Who leakage. I knew it wouldn’t be long until we saw a Delgado version of the Master in the Classic Series, after the Ainley figure showed up. Now of course, I never expected we’d see him so soon. This figure has shown up though in all it’s grainy photo glory.

Of course pictures like this surfaced of the 7th Doctor way back last year and we only recently got Sylvester, so it’s possible it could be months until we see Delgado in action. No word yet as to how this figure will come out, be it in a two pack, an exclusive or even a box set. Early speculation has him as part of a Classics Series Wave 3, but that’s purely conjecture.

Whatever the case they seem to have done a decent job with him, he’s sporting what appears to be a new body for his Nehru suit. He also has the slightly darker complexion. I expect we’ll see an Ainley in this outfit as well, eventually. This probably won’t stop me from getting the other Master two-pack, though. I’m Doctor Who addicted.

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    YES! Delgado in the Nehru suit!!! Man, the Classics line is bursting out all over this year. There are a couple of Pertwee variants left to pack Roger in with. We still need Jon with a Hat, right? Ant Ainley needs his own sculpt with the Cervantes collar, though. I can't believe we're getting both guys after waiting so long between Classic waves! A year or so ago, I thought this line was a goner. Change comes about pretty quick, don't it?

  • Yeah pretty impressive. I would expect if it's a two pack he'll end up with a Jon variant. Shpuld be interesting. Hopefully some better pics will surface.

  • Adam says:

    Maybe we'll get an Eric Roberts version someday…which would mean a box set of 6 Master figures.

  • gunzlingr says:

    Holy sh*t this is awesome! Ainley is the first Master I ever watched, and I used to correspond with him back in the day so he is my definitive Master, but Delgado is awesome as well!

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