Some of you may remember back in the beginning of September I had an exclusive interview with toy designer, Hauke Scheer where we discussed many of his designs in the upcoming resin line he was producing. Well a few weeks back Hauke contacted me and informed me that the first couple of figures were available to be purchased and offered to send me a sample to review. This past weekend I received the figure and I’ve finally been able to photograph it for this review.

First I’d like to thank Hauke for sending this sample over and I encourage you to check out his website over at where you can order and learn more about these figures. This squid guy is known as Callamorr! He’s a former mercenary who has joined the resistance battle against the evil Seahorse Empire.

Callamorr comes in a big white box with his picture on the front. It’s pretty basic packaging but this guy was well wrapped up inside. Because these guys are made of resin you need to make sure to be careful unpacking them. There is a lot of padding in there to keep him safe on his oversea travel.

Inside you’ll find some papers telling you to be careful when removing him from the package and explaining how to put together his staff. This isn’t something you’re likely to keep in the box, but you might want to keep the box in case you ever decide to pack this guy up in a move.

Because of the high cost of adding articulation, these guys don’t have any articulation. These aren’t really meant to be toys. They’re fragile pieces of artwork, but they’re definitely for fans of action figures. So while they can’t move, they look damn good. Especially when you consider that Hauke designed these guys from the ground up and he’s just an average dude like me or you, with a dream and a passion for toys.

There is so much to marvel at here it’s hard to really explain how awesome this Callamorr figure looks. I remember when I originally saw the designs over at Deep Sea Trouble being wowed. I never expected the final product to look quite as good as the CGI models. As it turns out this is exactly like those models, down to the smallest detail. That’s really amazing as most figures look much better in their prototype stages versus the final result.

Under the sea!

Callamorr is a fierce looking squid man. He’s not to be messed around with, clearly. I have no idea how Hauke Scheer comes up with this stuff, but the guy must sweat creativity. This is an out of this world design but definitely looks like it belongs in an undersea kingdom somewhere. This guy would look awesome in a DCUC Aquaman display.

The sculpt features a lot of little details that you have to really focus in on. Callamorr has two tentacles that are slightly different than his “legs” and even they are different from one another. One tentacle looks to be used like an arm, while the other has a sharp blade attached to it. He can use it like a stinger and slice his foes up.

The sculpting is spectacular with a bit of an 80’s toyline style going for it, only much more detailed. Callamorr has a blaster on his right hand and his armor is definitely a retro-futuristic fusion. He has some pretty cool looking rocket boosters on his back which I suspect would propel him upwards underwater at great speeds.

There are plenty of tubes and hoses running through certain parts of his body. Callamorr’s head looks a bit like Sutekh from Doctor Who. It’s an ingenious design from top to bottom.

Every one of Callamorr’s tentacles are sculpted with suckers on each one. This creates a really interesting look as you can see them from all sides. There is no mistaking that this guy is a squidman from the deep. Put this guy on your coffee table and get plenty of strange looks.

With no articulation this figure lives or dies by it’s sculpt and paintwork. The sculpt is great and the paintwork is just as good. The colors are bright and vibrant but never look cheap or out of place. This isn’t some $15 figure paint, this is high end paint decos. The blue orbs all have a really cool glass blown look to them and it makes them appear as if they’re made out of porcelain instead of resin.

The paint work on the tentacles might be the nicest bit though. Each one has shaded green stripes and none of them look like they’ve missed a beat at all. I couldn’t find any slop anywhere on this guy.

Most figures of this nature be them vinyl or statues made of resin lack accessories. Hauke wanted to up the “play” value some and included some weapons for certain figures. Callamorr has a staff which is very nicely painted. The staff pops apart so you can fit it into his hand.

The really nice part is that you can display Callamorr with or without the staff. He looks good either way.

Additional Notes:
Ultimately this guy is more of a high end statue than a real “toy” but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a lot of fun. However you should be very careful with him. If you dropped him, I’m sure he’d shatter into a million pieces. That comes with the territory though. I did however have one tentacle pop apart on me and had to glue it back in. It glued in easily enough, just be careful when handling this guy.

Hauke is running a special deal over at his site where you can get this guy for 45 Euros plus shipping. That’s a bit steep for some folks, but if you collect any sort of high end stuff be it vinyl or resin, you know that’s not too bad of a price. They may not be on sale for that price for long and these are limited edition so you better get them while you can.

“You look different today, Doc Ock!”

The price is definitely worth it if you’re into this sort of thing. I could totally see this guy in a variety of my displays. The nice thing about Hauke Scheer’s toys is that they’re creative and unique and there isn’t anything else out there on the market like them. Plus Hauke is a small business guy, building his toys from the ground up so every one you buy goes towards helping make sure other figures are able to come out. The Deep Sea line looks very cool.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 5
Sculpting – 10
Paint – 9
Accessories – Staff
Value – 7
Overall – 8 out of 10

I was really glad to get to demo one of these figures. It’s something so much different than what I normally collect, but it definitely helps me see the appeal of this kind of stuff. It’ll stand out on a shelf and would look great in any display with aquatic characters.

Calamari rock the party!

Head on over to Hauke’s website and order yourself one and don’t forget to check out my interview with him to learn more about the process of making figures and what inspires him.

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  • DrNightmare says:

    I think the reason the figure looks as awesome as it did in the prototypes is because there’s no middleman saying “This is too dangerous for children! Children might eat his head! His weapon looks too tasty!”

    I love freedom of expression, projects like this let me express my feelings vicariously through other people’s work, lol.

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