Troma has been working overtime on Twitter to get some help with their new (First Mentioned Here) Toxic Avenger 5 movie. We’ve been following the new Toxie film pretty close here at Infinite Hollywood and when idiot savant brilliant director and creator of the Toxic Avenger, Lloyd Kaufman asks for help, we’re here to oblige.

Here’s the deal, Lloyd wants to put a character from the Toxic Crusaders comic, cartoon & toyline in the new film. For whatever reason (probably budget), he has decided on only putting one. Here’s the great part, though, he’s letting fans help him decide who. Before I direct you to the poll, let’s look at the candidates.

From left to right:
Radiation Ranger, Bonehead, Dr. Killemoff & More Radiation Rangers.
(Not pictured Psycho)

First the villains:
Dr. Killemoff is a frontrunner in the polls already, simply because he has all the potential to be an awesome badguy. With four arms, a Darth Vader-esque breathing mask and penchant for pollution, this guy would make a perfect foe for Toxie.

The second candidate is Psycho, a fat tub of goo who’s toy I couldn’t find my figure of, offhand. Joe Fleishaker (Pictured Here) is likely to already be in the new Toxic Avenger movie, so I don’t know if we need another fat guy trying to steal the camera time. Know what I mean? Plus Psycho is just the right hand man to Killemoff. Pyscho is useless without his boss.

Then there’s Bonehead, who definitely would make a neat villain for Toxie to fight. The problem with Bonehead is that either Troma won’t have the special effects to do him right, or he’ll look cheesy. Plus we’ve seen guys melted in acid before in Troma films. That’s not fresh and when you’re making the 5th installment in a franchise, FRESH is the first word that comes to mind.

Finally, the Radiation Ranger. He’s listed as one character, but in all actuality the Radiation Rangers were the masked millions of minions of Killemoff’s. Their outfits look cool in this form, but I’ve always thought the tons of guys you see running around in Troma movies wearing radiation gear was pretty much the Radiation Ranger. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, rent Class of Nuke ‘Em High Part 3, there are a ton of these guys running around. On second thought, maybe you should just take my word for it.

From left to right:
Major Disaster, Headbanger, Nozone, Junkyard

Now for the heroes:
First up we have Major Disaster! He’s sort of like Swamp Thing, but different. He’s definitely an interesting character and makes a cool toy, but I don’t know that he can make a good translation to film. He’s also a bit too basic for a Troma film.

Headbanger is a two headed guy who definitely fits the Troma vibe. Part geeky mutated scientist, part dumb surfer, this guy would be a perfect character for a Toxic Avenger film. However, once again he seems like it might be too simple for our one Toxic Crusader character. I mean, two headed man is a pretty standard gimmick.

Nozone in the house! He’s currently #2 in the poll and my personal pick (pardon the pun) for the character to be in the film. Nozone has all the Troma charm. He has a giant nose, spews snot and he’s got a wheel for a leg! This former test pilot is exactly what the new Toxic Avenger film needs. Plus I’ve got it on personal authority from Lloyd Kaufman that they’d do Nozone right.

Finally we have Junkyard, who is sort of like a werewolf, but a dog. He’s a decent character and fits in with Toxie, since the titular Avenger is usually living in the dumps… But Junkyard seems to be a one note character. Plus his costume would need to be extensive, perhaps too extensive for Troma’s budgets.

So there you have it, the 8 candidates up for selection. In a perfect world, Troma would figure out a way to get both Nozone as a hero and Doctor Killemoff as a villain into the film. That would no doubt, make Toxic Avenger Part 5 the most awesome balls to the wall Troma blowout that it should be.

Go HERE to place your vote. The poll is on the right hand side in green. Make sure you actually vote in the poll, not just in the comments section and let them know Infinite Hollywood sent ya!

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