Several Contest winner announcements to get to today. First up is our December GITD Goofy winner. It’s commenter Caspian! He has 30 days to contact us at the email above and claim his prize. Thanks for playing all.

And now for our big contest. All last month I was hassling everyone to get out there and donate to Toys for Tots in our Infinite Toys for Tots contest. The good news is that we did get a few donations and I’m glad to have helped in any small way. Unfortunately although we didn’t have a “target amount”, I’m almost certain we wouldn’t have made it. That just means we’re going to have to work twice as hard next year to make sure people get out there and participate.

Before I announce winners, I’d like to give a special thanks to BigBadToyStore for providing one of our great prizes and showing that they’re not only the biggest and baddest online toy store, but also the kindest.

Also props goes out to Robots Pajamas, Poe Ghostal, Sci-Guys and Jester Goblin among others who helped to get the word out about this contest. Anyone who posted about this contest or allowed me to post on their forums about it, I truly appreciate it. Without people spreading the word, I doubt we would have been as successful as we were. I hope next year even more sites will carry our banner and help us help kids during the holidays.

A super special thanks to Paul/Vincent who ran last year’s Joes For Tots, for giving me a lot of advice and throwing his full support behind our little mission. I believe Paul and I are going to team up next year and raise like a million dollars worth of toys for needy kids.

First up a big congrats to Albert Hughes who won our $75 gift card thanks to his kind donation to Toys For Tots online! Many people chose to donate in this fashion and although it wasn’t as fun for me, it certainly helped out. Thanks to all who donated anonymously or otherwise via online donations and sent us the receipts. We will definitely focus on this next year.

Our Second Prize Winner:

Only one man had the courage to send in his photo of actually donating to Toys for Tots in person. It’s Mr. Scary Crayon himself and longtime friend of the site, Wes! Because Wes has the gonads and the big heart to share the love of Ninja Turtles and Transformers to those children in need, he’s receiving our big second place prize of a $40 BigBadToyStore Store Credit.

See how easy that was? This could have been you collecting a big prize for being generous. Next year be sure to participate and you could win yourself a big time prize while helping out those in need! I’m certain that we can get a whole collage of people’s photos donating to Toys For Tots.

Thanks again to all who donated and if you’ve been contacted already, your prize is on it’s way.

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  • Wes says:

    Hurray! Thanks, Newt — and thanks for doing the contest. Not that many/most of us wouldn't have donated to the kiddies anyway, but incentives are always nice! So are reasons to have oneself photographed. We won't always be this young and sexy (or not), you know. 😉

    (Seriously, I was the only one to send in a photo? WHAT'S UP WITH THAT, PEOPLE?!?)

  • Wes says:

    Oh, and congratulations to Albert! Since he donated online, I guess he's off the hook for not sending a photo. ;P

  • Anne Packrat says:

    I didn't really want to enter, because, well, that wasn't why I was donating. I was donating to make some kid's Christmas a brighter one, not to win a prize.

    Congrats to the Scary Crayon guy though, he's cool enough on his own, but winning this just adds more infinite coolosity.

  • Entering wasn't about winning, just confirming donations. Lots of people say they donate, but don't really. I think it's great if as a community we can say we were able to get people to participate and have the proof to back it up. It's never been about winning prizes, but if you're already donating anyway, there was nothing to lose, etc.

    Thanks to those who did donate though and even more thanks to Wes who really got the spirit and sent in his smilin' mug, haha.

  • Anne Packrat says:

    I understand. That was just my personal feeling about why I didn't enter. Just wanted to post an alternate reason, about why some people may not have entered, they may have had reasons similar to mine.

    If your contest inspired even one person to donate a toy he / she wouldn't have otherwise done though, it's a wonderful thing.

  • Hero says:

    Although I am heavily involved all-year round with a simular scheme in the UK, I would'nt mind trying to contribute to Toys For Tots somehow.

    That Goofy figure looks great, but that's a bonus to taking part. Nothing beats Giving stuff to such a worthy cause.

    If anyone else did pics, let's see em! 😀

  • Thanks and definitely agreed.

  • Yeah it's great to contribute in any way.

  • If it counts for anything, you're the sexiest one to send in a photo!

  • -Beth, the GF says:

    I guess my opinion on the issue is that shouldn't really matter whether or not you do it anonymously or whether or not your name is attached to it, as the ultimate benefit is for the kids that receive the gifts. People, in my family and at the church, know that I participate in the Angel Tree at my Aunt's church, but that clearly isn't why I do it, and to be honest, I don't care that they know, because ultimately I am more concerned with helping those less fortunate. Just as an aside, although it was an incentive to give, because more people should, someone could have entered the contest to try and win the $75 AND then donated that. What a thought. Or, bought jackets and donated them, or canned goods. Then, you really would not have had a reward from it at all.

  • -Beth, the GF says:

    But it is a good picture, too! Courageous to be the only one to have sent one in!!

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Ehhh,people I was selling my toys to never responded to pay for donations…

  • No worries man, I know how it goes.

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