Infinite Hollywood Reader Jason Asks: Why did so many K-Marts not get the special shipment of DCUC Wave 15? Was the distribution to only major markets?

DCUC Wave 15 was a first to market wave for Kmart, but as to which specific Kmart stores received product, that is out of Mattel’s control. This is something decided by Kmart.

As it pertains to the WWE Legends line, it seems as though the figures are sculpted to look like the included artwork on the character’s packaging. Is this something that Mattel will continue to be beholden to, or is it something that will be taken on a case by case basis? While the head sculpts are great on some figures, it seems as though trying to emulate these specific shots of the characters has made many characters not quite look like themselves because the picture itself is an exaggerated expression.

The likenesses are made to capture the character of each Legend. Some inherently are a bit more expressive than others. The packaging artwork is done later. We try to find photography as close to the sculpted expression as we can, but sometimes the availability of a high quality image with the same expression is difficult to find. That is why some of the expressions differ between the figure and the package.

Infinite Hollywood Reader Dale Asks: It seems as though MOTUC’s power grows each year. First we were limited to just a few figures, then extra figures, now double packs, accessories and even vehicles are being discussed. If MOTUC continues to grow and have success in sales as it has each year, is it plausible that in a year or two Castle Grayskull and other larger playsets would be potentially on the table? Would Mattel be ready to then take that “risk”?

Castle Grayskull or other playsets are going to be tough. Yes, the line is growing, but playsets are a tough thing even in a major retail line like Green Lantern or Cars. It just takes a lot of tooling to complete a set and in the end they haven’t been the best sellers. We’d love to get to one, but it just is not in the cards right now based on current sell through of MOTUC basic figures.

It’s taken Mattel quite some time to get to producing belts in the WWE line. The great news for fans is that the belts seem to be of a high quality and are painted well… Unfortunately the belts are just too big. The belts look oversized and silly on many of the Mattel figures. Is this something that is being corrected for later releases, or would Mattel consider rescaling the title belts about 20% smaller?

Sorry, the WWE team was unavailable this week but we’ll try to get this question answered next round!

Infinite Hollywood Reader Mark Asks: Would your deal with Randy Savage (and other legends) prohibit Jakks from making a figure of him in their NWA Legends line? Or is it a situation like Andre The Giant, where a figure could be made by both companies?

Sorry, the WWE team was unavailable this week but we’ll try to get this question answered next round!

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