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Who doesn’t love PEZ? I think everyone loves PEZ. There is a whole society out there that collects PEZ containers and everyone at some point in their life has had a PEZ dispenser. Let’s learn a little more about PEZ, shall we?

Pez (trademarked PEZ, in capitals) is the brand name of an Austrian confectionery and the pocket mechanical dispensers in which it is sold. The confectionery itself takes the shape of pressed, dry, straight-edged blocks 5/8 inch long, 8 mm wide and 5 mm high, with Pez dispensers holding 12 Pez pieces.

Hey, I had no idea that PEZ was Austrian. That’s useful information in my book. Now let’s learn a little bit about the Death Star:

The Death Star is a fictional moon-sized space station and superweapon appearing in the Star Wars movies and expanded universe. It is capable of destroying a planet with a single destructive beam emitted from the large indentation on its surface. In the films, the first Death Star is featured in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and a second Death Star is under construction in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

So now the real question, is a Death Star PEZ worthy of destorying a Alderaan of tastiness in your mouth!?

Death Star PEZ like all PEZ comes in a little plastic bag. It’s the timeless PEZ container.

There’s nothing fancy about this package, but it does advertise “Fun n’ Games” inside. And yet there’s nothing inside but some Star Wars game codes and a PEZ Dispenser. Where’s the fun and games? Damned Austrians, always lying. Or maybe opening a package of PEZ is a fun game in Austria?


As much as I love PEZ and the classic designs, I’m not usually brought to the dance as it were by the sculpts. I like the idea of PEZ, I don’t really think that the sculpts are all that. Although the Death Star PEZ does have a few charming quirks.

Although the Death Star is a standard PEZ, I quite like that the PEZ container is black. There have been a few other PEZ dispensers with black handles before, but they’re fairly rare overall. It makes this PEZ Dispenser stand out a bit.

The Death Star itself is clearly cast in a dark grey color and then the lines are filled in with black. What’s sort of great about this design is that there is a small amount of bleed throughout and it gives the whole thing a great washed look. It also makes it appear as though there is more detail than the truly is.

Did I mention this came out in 2004?! I bought this a while back, but I’m not sure how long ago. Surely it’s still good to eat, right? I guess I’ll find out. If this is my last blog post, you know why.

Every PEZ dispenser comes with two full packages of PEZ candy. I’ve always liked PEZ candy, but I know some people don’t. Which two flavors will I get?!

I got two packages of Strawberry! I say it’s a conspiracy. I blame Grand Moff Tarkin. Did you know there used to be a yogurt flavor PEZ? There was also Eucalyptus and “flower” flavor. I guess getting two packs of Strawberry isn’t so bad afterall.

Also inside is the codes for a Star Wars Gameboy Advance game. I am now revealing these codes to you for free. Enjoy. Don’t say I never gave you nothing.

I don’t know if PEZ really has a value. You either like it or you don’t. It’s not the cheapest candy out there and it isn’t much of a “toy” either. However I do find that this PEZ dispenser could have a few other uses. You could work it into a diorama of Star Wars or something. The Death Star actually looks pretty good.

Don’t let Luke near this…

Score Recap:
Packaging – 2
Sculpting – 7
Articulation – Hinged Neck
Accessories – Strawberry PEZ, Star Wars Codes
Value – 6
Overall – 5 out of 10

It’s PEZ. Timeless and classic. I knocked a few points off on the packaging because it lied to me about fun and games. This is a pretty good sculpt of PEZ head though and is somewhat different since it’s technically a planet/moon/vehicle. So seek it out if you want some old candy.

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