This past weekend I had tried to go out and get some of the new DC Universe Classics Walmart exclusives. Walmart now is carrying both the new Wave 10 with the Joker as well as the DCUC 5 Pack with Batman and Superman that I’ve been after. Here’s the fruits of my labor:

As you can see, no DCUC 5 packs. Just a big gapping empty hole. Now, you could say to me, that they’ve sold out. Maybe they did. However, this has been the case EVERY TIME I’ve went to this and any other Walmart. They never have any. Notice, they have stacks of DCIH packs though… Because nobody buys that crap. Well at least they had some DCUC singles, right?

Nope. Not a single figure. Again, this isn’t a one off instance. This is what happens every time I got to these stores. Heck, I even asked a Walmart employee to go back and see if they had them and to my surprise they did go back and actually looked… But nothing. You may notice that near the big empty DCUC holes is rows of DCIH (because it doesn’t sell) and rows of Marvel Universe that has been replinished numourous times.

Mattel, I can’t buy “Walmart Exclusive” figures if they NEVER have them. Some of my Walmart still don’t even carry the 5 packs and the ones that “do” are always stocked with these invisible variants.

I’ll defer to Oscar Rogers on this…


5 Responses to DCUC Walmart Woes

  • Tom K. A. says:

    Walmart and Mattel are turning into a match made in heaven. i know some people have had pretty good luck but it seems to be scattered parts of the country and the rest of us are just SOL.

  • Gilltron says:

    I’ve been hunting these every day this week and I’ve seen the same image as you, or tons and tons of wave 6 and 7… I’ll hopefully eventually get Robotman and Power Girl soon.

  • Kyle says:

    The walmart closest to me that was very good to me with wave 5 last year, they have over 50 wave 6/7 and cyborgs.

  • DrNightmare says:

    Oscar Rodgers xD

    I just want a Powergirl…and a DCUC Livewire if they ever make her 😀

    I have to drive over 15 miles to get to any Walmart, it’s not worth the search for me, especially if they’re gonna have ZERO figures I want.

  • Michael says:

    The 5 packs have hit some stores in my area and not others. Wave 10 is barely out as of yet. It seems a few random locations have received some, but not many. One potential woe is that Walmart has been converting some stores into a new format (with the new logo) which has the space for DCUC removed. The toy section instead has endcaps filled with soft drinks and potato chips. A few of the 40+ Chicagoland locations have experienced this transformation. I wish WM would never have any exclusives I want. I really hate the company.

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