DC Universe Classics
6 Inch Scale
By: Mattel
$25.00 (MattyCollector Exclusive 2 Pack)

There isn’t a hotter property in comics right now than the Green Lantern. Geoff Johns was able to make the Green Lantern comics some of the most interesting in recent memory and thankfully the big wigs at DC comics knew to milk it for all it’s worth. With the Lantern corps expanding to include a variety of colors and powers, along came a bevy of new characters and recreations of old characters in the Sinestro Corps and Blackest Night storylines. One of those characters is an evil version of Tomar-Re, known as Romat-Ru. This past year Mattel released Ru alongside popular character Karu-Sil in an exclusive MattyCollector two pack.

Not much is known of Romat-Ru other than he is one of the most prolific and vile serial killers in the galaxy. While under investigation for a minor infraction, Xudarian police where dispatched to his home where they made a ghastly discovery. Inside, the found the bones of thousands of children. While being transported to a prison, a yellow power ring appeared and Romat-Ru was inducted into the Sinestro Corps.

Basically Romat-Ru is the Westley Alan Dobb of the DC Universe. Well at least he was before he joined the Sinestro Corps. You know for a while, DC was considered more tame than say Marvel, but that really hasn’t been true in quite some time. Romat-Ru’s bio is so violent that it’s no wonder he appeared as part of the special MattyCollector.com Color of Fear 2-Pack.

Surprisingly this comes in it’s own DCUC white mailer box. It’s got the words “Adult Collector” adorned on it, which is becoming more common place for Mattel’s stuff lately. But hey it’s basically chickenhead fishman space serial killer inside, so I guess you’d have to be an adult to enjoy it. Or a sicko.

Thankfully I’m both. Not that I condone being a murderer, but hey chickenhead fishmen killers are an interesting dynamic.

Inside that is a standard DC Universe Classics window box. Both figures are dynamically posed inside, but only really Ru looks good. He looks like he’s about to blast something and perhaps he’s flying as well. I’m not sure what Sil is doing, maybe the Charleston?

The back of the package is a HUGE waste of space with two proto pictures of the characters. Heck they didn’t even include the dog in the picture. Leaving the bios to be pretty small. Total blunder here in my view, as Mattel could have used this to cross sell other DCUC 2 packs or at the very least give us a brief overview of the Sinestro Corps or the Blackest Night storyline.

Inside both figures are rubber banded into their plastic shell. Romat-Ru had two bands on him. Thankfully he didn’t get warped in the package despite the styled pose.

Brief kudos on the packaging liner, which has some cool DC comics art on it. Nightwing, Deathstroke, Sinestro and a couple Lanterns are on the inside.

For most people the big draw to this set was Karu-Sil and her Fathers Three dog (alien wolf) creature construct. I’m not most people, though. I haven’t followed the Blackest Night storyline that close and to be honest, I’ve always loved Tomar-Re and this rather generic Romat-Ru villain seemed like a cool idea for me. Romat-Ru is a bit of a blank slate, so a lot of people questioned why he would get a release so soon when there were other more important characters.

Obviously the answer is simple. Romat-Ru will be used to be Tomar-Re in the upcoming DCUC 5 Pack of Lanterns at Walmart. Although all of the parts aren’t the same, they can get some reuse out of this guy, which isn’t something that can always do.

Romat-Ru is loaded down with details, both painted on and sculpted. He’s far from the most impressive DCUC figure, but he’s no slouch either. The Sinestro Corps logo is painted on his right arm’s bicep and he’s also got a nice little wash on his head fin to keep him from looking to plain.

I’m perhaps most impressed by the hands which are an all new sculpt. They feature three fingers, a cool fingernail that’s pointed and the Lantern ring. The ring is painted a different color and looks great under macro, but honestly to the naked eye it looks the same color as his hand.

The head sculpt is no doubt the big draw and it’s really well done. Tomar-Re often came off looking a bit goofy, so the Four Horsemen should be applauded for sculpting Romat-Ru in a way that he’s pretty scary. At least as scary as a chickenhead fishman can be. Plus I dig his little Alice Cooper tribute paint. That definitely ups his sinister factor.

The pointy ears, chiseled beak and open mouth really complete the look. Beyond that he’s pretty much a standard DC Universe Classics body. Nothing wrong with that of course, but by now you know what you’re getting.

I’ve said this time and time before, but I do feel that the DCUC figures have a great articulation setup. Obviously some figures have a little too much articulation and for certain characters it’s not quite enough, but overall it’s a great middle ground. There are a lot of posing opportunities out of the 6 inch Mattel line.

That said, Romat-Ru has one of those infamous DCUC ball jointed necks. By that I mean, it’s a ball jointed neck that works like a cut joint. This has been discussed at length elsewhere, but suffice to say it’s a bit disappointing. I know I would have loved to got some true ball joint movement out of the head.

You can still get a fair amount of poses out of him even with the limited neck movement. Mattel also deserves props for actually painting the neck area a different color, so that when you move his head around, he has a neck in addition to the collar area.

For the most part I expect everyone will be content with the poseability of this guy.

Since this is a two pack, it’s hard to say for sure that he comes with nothing. The construct dog is really Karu-Sil’s though, so I’m saying he officially comes with nothing.

If you like bupkis then this guy is for you. He’s loaded to the gills with it. Does he have gills?

This guy was only available online through Matty’s website. The two pack he was in went for $25 which makes him work out to about $12.50, which isn’t a terrible value but not a great one either. Of course you can’t get away on Matty without paying their $8 shipping charge, which means if you bought this pack alone Romat-Ru would run you closer to $16.50 or so. He’s not as worth it, without any accessories.


Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 7
Articulation – 8
Accessories – N/A
Value – 6
Overall – 7 out of 10

Despite coming with so little and having not a lot of background as an interesting character, I think Romat is a solid buy. Especially if you can find him for less than the price he was on MattyCollector. Many people bought multiples of this pack to get extra Construct Dogs, which means sometimes you can find extra Rus tossed up on the interwebs for cheap. He’s a pretty solid 7 out of 10. He’s easily the best chickenhead fishman child serial killer figure I’ve ever reviewed.

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  • YNDB says:

    "an oldie but goodie"..seriously most of these DCUC figures don't sell at retail. this is a loss leader for Mattel. They'll end the line prematurely and branch them out into niche lines to support the "comic" (or cartoon) versions for the live action movies. It only makes sense from a sales standpoint.

    Then all the fan boys can bitch and complain about how they didn't get some weird obscure dickwad from the freaking Bronze or Silver Age. WHO CARES? only 1 in billions of people living on the earth that buying consumer products. Thats who!

  • Well I think you have a point in some respects. As the more obscure characters hit retail, I find they sell a lot less. Although they do seem to keep pumping out Supermans and Batmans and Green Lanterns to fill the rest of the gaps. I still haven't seen a Joker yet. You'd think they'd put Joker, Aquaman and a few other figures out there again. Characters that kids know, and collectors want.

    Even if the line ended tomorrow though, while I'm sure there would be a lot of complaining… It'd be hard to say they didn't do a pretty wide range of the DCU.

    Thanks for the thoughtful comments, though. Nice to see some different takes on DCUC.

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