Let it be known that I still think as a whole DC Infinite Heroes sucks. It’s not just that the figures are poorly sculpted in comparison to other 3 3/4 line or lack the nice articulation of the comparable lines. No, I could probably get past that.

My main complaints with DCIH are the lack of accessories and the price. Very few if any DC Infinite Heroes figures come with weapons and those that do, come with poorly sculpted ones. At times DCIH figures look like bootlegs.

I’ve purchased a handful of DC Infinite Heroes, but I’ve mostly stayed away because of the price. $6.99 at most stores, although Target does carry them for $4.99 all the time. However even at $4.99 they seem overpriced. I realize that Marvel Universe figures cost $8 and that’s overpriced, but they’re superior in every way.

But today I’m going to talk positively about DC Infinite Heroes because I recieved this little beauty in the mail. This my friends, is bar none, the nicest DC Infinite Heroes figure in existance. It’s Hawkman in all his 3 3/4 glory.

First let me say that I paid $3.50 for this figure. Which is the exact price I should have paid. Sadly no stores carry them at this price. Even being the best DCIH figure, he’s worth no more than $4. I’ve passed on this guy a dozen times in stores because he’s part of a 3 Pack that I can only seem to find for $16.99! Needless to say without a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory (Gene Wilder’s, not Michael Jacksons!) I wasn’t going to pay that just for this one figure.

I purchased this guy loose, so I’m not going to do a full review. This is more like a brief review. I just want to commend Mattel on this figure. I often give Mattel a hard time, but this is one of the nicest 3 3/4 figures to come down the line. Yes, he still has all of DCIH’s most glaring flaws. No weapons. Very basic articulation and hands the size of catchers mitts… But it all works on this figure.

Score Recap:
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 6
Accessories – None
Value – 6
Overall – 6.5 out of 10

Confession time. I’m a sucker for Hawkpeoples. I love them. They’re very cool. I’ll also confess that at $3.50 I’d buy a TON of DCIH figures. Even with all their flaws. They’d be a line I’d love. But at $4.99-6.99 they just aren’t worth it. This is a really nice figure though. I’ve very glad to have it in my collection and I may track down some more. If I can find them for a decent price.

Anyone know where I can get a good sized mace for this cat?

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  • Wes says:

    Really? I’ve started seeing them at discount stores all over the place for $3 each — and the 3-packs are often only $5. I saw quite a few of the Hawkman 3-pack today at Five Below for that price, actually.

    I didn’t bite, of course — the lack of articulation is still keeping me away — but eventually at that price I’m going to have to break down and get Power Girl and Star Sapphire to keep in my pockets at all times. A $3 Atom might be cool to have, too.

  • I checked my local discounts but all they had were Power Girls for $3.99!

  • googum says:

    If they have Ross in your neck of the woods, they may have the three packs for $5: I got the Hawkmen set, Superman/Supergirl/Wonder Girl, and GL/GA/BC there. K-Mart may have the older singles at $3.50, and I got Guy Gardner there. Then I hadda pay $5.99 for Batman since I felt like I needed him; and this isn’t even my preferred scale!

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