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It’s time once again to shine a spotlight on some of the interesting customizers out there in the toy collecting realm. I noticed this on Ebay today and thought it might be of interest to vintage He-Man collectors.

This is not my figure and I don’t know the guy who made it. I just happened to stumble upon it. I guess there’s still a fairly big community of classic Masters of the Universe collectors out there. Vintage MOTU customs seem to be on the rise if my research at He-Man.org tells me anything. This figure is coming from Buenos Aires. Who knew there were hardcore MOTU fans in Argentina?!

I think the likeness is decent and it does fit in well with the old MOTU style, albeit it seems a bit bright. At $220 Buy-It-Now on Ebay, he seems a bit too costly to me. It’s mostly just a repainted Godzilla figure, with decent, but not amazing sculpting on it. For $200 I’d at least like something better than what looks like paper wings.

At first I thought about putting this into the Ebay Bandits file, but someone did work pretty hard on this, even if they have likely overpriced it. I applaud their effort and hey, this guy has 5 points of articulation, which if the latest Mattel Q&A is any indication… Is about what their MOTUC figure will have!

That’s it for this edition of Custom Creations Corner, but if you have a cool custom you want spotlighted, drop us a line and maybe you could be featured right here!

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