Here’s something you don’t see everyday… Or at least I hope not. You sick, sick people. Our old buddy Clark, of Articulated Discussion, was kind enough to send along this amusing Teela auction on Ebay. It just ended today, but it was for a custom “slave” Teela.

Basically Teela after she’s been captured. Kinda scary. Here’s Clark’s thoughts: “I’m not sure what to think here, but not only has this guy made this S&M teela custom, but he’s put her up for auction, and has a whole story to go along with it in the description.”

And here’s the description from the auction:

It was the darkest of all times on Eternia, only evil ruled the ravaged planet. King Randor and his kingdom where in ruins. Many of Eternia’s heroes had the same fate; most fell by the blade or evil magic! All is lost on this once beautiful planet. An ex-slave, Prince Adam is still alive and in hiding. He has grown-up and has become hardened by years of slavery, and the life he now has to live as a scavenger and a hunter. The magical Power Sword that is needed to transform Adam into He-man the most powerful man in the universe is now missing! With Power Sword lost, Adam still knows it is still his destiny to protect the weak and innocent on Eternia.

The beautiful guardian of castle Grayskull, the Sorceress is dead or missing from the realm of Eternia! The beautiful warrior Teela, Adam’s friend and the sorceress’s daughter, inherits her mother’s powers of protection and leads what’s left of the good heroes on Eternia. Castle Grayskull is finally taken over and is now ruled by sorceress supreme evil Lynn! She defeated skeletor in his Scare Glow ghost form and now possesses all his evil powers and is #1 evil ruler on eternia! Now, Sorceress Supreme evil Lynn rules castle Grayskull, something Skeletor has always wanted! But, both halves of the power sword are still missing!

Most of Eternia’s Heroes are dead, missing, or joined one of the evil territories: Hordak of the evil Horde and the Horde trooper army, the Snakeman Squeese the leader of the new Snakemen, evil sorcerer Count Marzo who cloned Skeletor’s physical body and now leads the skelenator clone trooper army, Count Marzo is Sorceress supreme evil lynn’s man on the side, Rokkon and stonedar’s evil alien enemies are invading the good region of eternia ruled by the last of the giant warriors known as Tytus! With Eternia’s territories split-up among the villains, our Heroes struggle to survive. The search for Adam’s missing power sword rages on! Enter: MASTERS OF THE DARK UNIVERSE!

This figure is already sold, but if you’re looking to explore this world more, I’m sure you can email the seller on Ebay and he’ll whip you up (see what I did there?) you own bondage Teela. Kinda strange that he didn’t customize some nipples. Or maybe in the Masters of the Dark Universe, Beastman bit them off? Just saying.

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