Wrestlemania 28 is April 1, 2012 and from now until then, Infinite Hollywood will have special Wrestlemania themed posts. With wrestling figure reviews, news and the like. We start today off with a custom figure…
It’s Infinite Hollywood’s ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA!

It’s time for another custom creation, this time, one of my own! You can’t talk about Wrestlemania or wrestling in general, without mentioning Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan main evented the first 9 Wrestlemania events. The event itself was basically a play off the Hulkamania fever that was running wild in the country. He’s since went on to compete in a couple more Wrestlemanias, including his infamous showdown with the Rock, which is arguably the most famous wrestling match since the turn of the century.

However, Hogan has not had a figure from Mattel in their WWE Legends line. Hulkster is signed with TNA, a rival wrestling company and has his likeness right currently being used in their Jakks figure collection. This has left a lot of Mattel fans upset. Let’s face it, for most of the 80s and early 90s, WWF was all about Hulk Hogan and everyone else was a bit player. Not having him in the collection is a huge loss.

I’m sure eventually Mattel will make a Hogan figure, but in the meantime, I’ll share my custom with you. A lot of people have made Hogan customs in the Mattel line. However I haven’t seen anyone make this version. I won’t say mine is the best, but if you’re looking for an easy recipe Hulkster that doesn’t require any painting and doesn’t have a jarring skin tone difference, this one’s hard to beat. Click to read the secrets inside, BROTHER!

Hogan is made up of several parts:

The arms of WWE Legends Series 4 Paul Orndorff.

The head from TNA’s Hulkamania Ring “Genesis style” Hulk Hogan figure.

The boots of WWE Legends Macho Man Randy Savage.

The body of WWE Legends Texas Tornado.

Kneepads from Kevin Von Erich or anyone who has red knee pads.

Then you take some nail polish remover or acetone and remove the stars from the boots and the tornado logo from Kerry Von Erich’s tights. Boil and pop the arms, feet and head, swapping them around to the new Hogan figure.

When all is said and done, you’ve got a perfect to scale Hogan with almost no skintone difference in his face. Many of the custom Hogans out there have a huge difference in the skintone on the head. This one does not. You could take things a step further and swap legs, crack torsos and go for a less “buff” torso… But I pretty much feel certain that if Mattel had made Hogan, this is the exact parts they would use (sans the head) so it’s a moot point.

The head is a tad large, but it’s not that much bigger than many of the Mattel WWE heads. Again, it’s not perfect, but you’re working with some restrictions. Some of the R3 Jakks heads are scaled a bit better, but their skintone is completely off.

Likewise, it is a great scan but it’s an older Hogan. Some folks really want a super young Hulkster, but this is about as good as it gets. I’m guessing whenever Mattel actually does a Hogan scan, it won’t be this lifelike. This is probably the best scan Hogan has done. Even better than the first TNA Hulk Hogan.

For lazy guys like me who don’t want to go through all the trouble of repainting figures and such to the point where you can’t actually play with the figure, this one is about as good as it gets. I can pose Hogan in any fashion and not have to worry about chipping paint or ruining a custom. This is just as good as if he came off the line.

Of course to complete this figure you need to buy a $20 ring and several other wrestling figures which can run $12-$20 themselves. It ain’t cheap, but customs rarely are. The nice thing is that with most of these parts, you can swap them around on the other figures and still have a decent Randy Savage out of it.

“Well ya know something Mean Gene, Brother! I think this is the greatest custom ever dude! I’m hangin’ and bangin’ here at Infinite Hollywood, cause they know how to treat a brother right, brother! And WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN INFINITE HOLLYWOOD’S ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU!!”

Early 80s.

Early 90s.

Mid 90s.

These days Hogan’s caught up in sex tape scandals, Rent-A-Center commercials and doing this:

And now you can recreate all the fun with a Mattel style WWE figure!

14 Responses to Custom Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan Figure

  • Zach S. says:

    Great custom! That head looks great, and the figure looks factory produced. I like the use of the Orndorff arms…a nice easy solution to getting the white armbands. Most of the customs on eBay are lazy and just stick with the Texas Tornado yellow bands.

    I made a Hulk as well, following mostly the same recipe but using the WWE Classic Superstars 8 (I think) head, with the Hulkster headband. It looks great and is my favorite WWE Legends figure….he looks great with the new Andre.

    I did a lot of parts research, and I noticed that the WWE Legends 4 The Rock's torso has a slightly closer build to Hogan's and would add a little height. The only thing against that is the amount of part swapping and repainting it would require, which is why I didn't go that route.

    I also noticed today that the new Ezekiel Jackson basic figure has a really close torso build. It's very big but not too defined, and has a wider lower torso and waistline. The arms are perfect: big but not ripped. Only problems are that it's a basic torso and the skin tone. If they ever retooled it for an Elite figure, it could be perfect. I may repaint one to make a basic Hogan, just to see how it looks.

    Also, gotta say I love all the WWE coverage here. Nobody else seems to review much WWE stuff, which is a shame because the Mattel WWE lines are some of the best figures out there today.

  • Thanks man. I've seen some incredible Hogan customs, but like you, I have no desire to crack torsos or do a bunch of repainting. I've also seen a lot of lazy customs with the yellow band Tornado arms. Those would be okay for a mid 90s Hogan I guess, as he did wear them a bit towards the end of his WWF run and the beginning of his WCW run, but I like the white wrist tape better.

    I try to cover lots of wrestling figures (and there's going to be a lot in the weeks ahead, hence the new theme) but I guess there's a lot of sites who consider wrestling figure collecting "lesser" than other figure collecting. I don't get it, but I guess years of bad wrestling angles have soured some folks on the idea. You're right though, folks are missing out. The WWE line is easily the best line Mattel has right now and there have been lots of really cool wrestling figures through the years.

    Glad you enjoy them!

  • Mario says:

    Good job Newt, & as Zach said, thank god we have you covering Wrestling, even if we've been dogged by years of crappy angles.

  • Salem Crow says:

    A nice and easy custom for a guy we won't likely see for a while.
    and Zach, just to help spread the wrestling reviews around, I do quite a few here: http://www.examiner.com/action-figure-in-baltimor

  • rupert_Valero says:

    this is an awesome custom! genius work cuz its simple and well executed!

  • James says:

    Great work, will you take any orders for one of these? I would like to purchase this exact custom Hogan if you would make me one. Let me know if we can work something out brother!

  • I can definitely make another one, but I'm just going to be honest with you, there's like $60 or more worth of parts that go into this thing. It was easier for me because I already had most of this stuff. But to make one to order, I have to get extra parts and such. Email me if you're interested though, maybe we can work something out.

  • Thanks man, much appreciated.

  • Gracias!

  • James says:

    what is your email address?

  • Brian Hatmaker says:

    Do you sell these custom figures like the Hulk Hogan one and if so how can I buy some

  • James says:

    How do you take off the texas tornado logo on the back of the tights?

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