Welcome to a new feature here at Infinite Hollywood and one I hope will continue for some time. We’re scouring the internet to find some of the most unique and interesting custom toys out there. Certainly the big names in customizing get lots of attention, but we thought we’d spread the spotlight onto some of the lesser knowns and show off some of their incredible works.

Today’s inaugural custom comes to us from the 8 inch world of Megos! This often forgotten scale has really made a comeback in the last few years and with new entries into the market, come an influx of creative custom characters. Like none other than, ZOLTAN!

Zoltan Amadeus, otherwise known as Zoltan the Arachnoid, is a character from the old Spider-man and his Amazing Friends cartoon. Zoltan was a scientist who tried to replicate Spider-man’s powers, but ended up turning himself into a gruesome spider beast. Naturally, he was a villain and has remained largely forgotten in the minds of most Marvel comics fans.

However he has not been forgotten in the mind of toy customizer Bob also known as “ThatBatmanGuy”, who has dreamed of a Zoltan to go with his Mego Spider-man since he first laid eyes on the eight legged freak. It’s been quite a few years since then, but Bob has finally completed this masterpiece and it’s the first custom we’re highlighting here on Custom Creations Corner!

Bob managed to take various parts of Megos, his own custom cast pieces and the surprisingly versatile Empress of Racness figure from the Character Options Doctor Who line to create this monstrosity of mischief. Here’s what Bob had to say about his creation:

I watched the old Spiderman and His Amazing Friends back when it was first run. Being a comic book collector, it was given. When this episode ran, I was like “Holy Crap! That’s a cool villain.” The Arachnoid was NOT in Marvel comics. Usually a villain created just for an animated series back then was fair to say the least. Not The Arachnoid! Half-Man, Half-Spider and ALL Villain.

Fast forward 25 – 30 years when I start building custom Megos. This is one that I HAD to do. But, to do it right, meant finding the right parts. Now I build my own resin cast bodies, but that spider body had to wait. That is until the Doctor Who Empress of Racnoss figure was released. Then all of the pieces to my puzzle fell into place. I’ve built a lot of custom Megos, but I really feel this one is one of my best.

This really is a cool figure and one of a kind. You can see the love for the character oozing out of this one and man is he ever creepy. If you like this creation and want to contact Bob about seeing if he can whip up a creation of yours, you can email him at: aadesign@nctc.com. Not only does he make custom Megos, but he also makes custom computer die-cut vinyl decals for Megos, GI Joe Adventure team, Six Million Dollar Man and Big Jim. If you’re looking for some of those cool retro designs, Bob sounds like your man.

That’s it for this edition of Custom Creations Corner, but if you have a cool custom you want spotlighted, drop us a line and maybe you could be featured right here!

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