The August-September Poll Results are in and we have a clear cut winner in the lamest villain category. Thanks to all who voted and be sure to vote in the first September-October poll. Voting starts today and ends next Thursday! It’s the first of many Halloween polls for next month, so get in on this one while you still have time! Now let’s learn a little bit about our winner, as we look at the results.

Paul Dekker was an artist with a distinct flare and a criminal mastermind. He left instructions for his henchmen by using color coded imagery in his works of art. During a botched robbery, a bullet to the eye caused him to lose his vision and sent him to jail. While serving his sentence in prison, Dekker volunteered for an experiment to restore his eyesight. A special helmet was fused to his optic nerves. It went haywire and caused him to see colors so bright that they drove him mad. Armed with a patchwork patterned tunic, tights and a long scarf Paul Dekker became… THE CRAZY QUILT!

The Quilt was originally created by Jack Kirby and was a C-level villain even in the 50’s. He had a handful of run-ins with the big guys, but never got much traction. There was even a female version of the character at one point, but even she was apparently too lame. You’d have thought he would have made a great fit for the old 1960’s Batman TV show, but he missed out. However he has had a couple of appearances in the Batman Brave & The Bold cartoon. Sadly, even that was not enough to make him seem cool. He ranked as the LAMEST villain according to you, the Infinite Hollywood readers.

Soak it up, Crazy Quilt, this is your time to shine.

2 Responses to Crazy Quilt Voted Lamest Villain – September Poll Results

  • Lt_Clutch says:

    I still believe the Hypno-Hustler is lamer. At least Crazy Quilt isn't dated to an specific era such as 70's Disco and he IS a Kirby villain. Cold shouldn't even be on the list, he's by far the most bad ass of all the Rogues.

  • Cold certainly has had a revival in interest in recent years. I must confess to being a bit of a Cold mark, but since he was such a poor seller for DCUC, I thought more people would dislike him.

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