I mentioned in my last post some silly prices I’d seen on Ebay for rather common stuff. Well I figured I’d share a few with you. Granted these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are literally THOUSANDS of bad deals to be had on Ebay right now. I think since the economy is in the dumps people must think they can sell worthless junk on Ebay for millions.

A lot of these are Ninja Turtle ones, but some aren’t. I find this funny because no one is bidding on these Ninja Turtles for outrageous prices. Same for the GI Joes or other items. No one is going to pay these crazy prices for rather average items.

The NECA Player Select series is popular and pretty cool. The Ninja Gaiden figures are probably the best. But Ryu Hayabusa for $87 is a bit steep. Especially since he retails for about $15 and is readily available elsewhere.

Here’s three sets of TMNT Donatellos that are neither rare nor sought after and they go for $59.99 but it has free shipping and considering some of the “deals” out there, this one isn’t that bad.

The new re-released Rocksteady and Bebop. Sought after figures I’m sure, but worth $50 for the pair? I think not. But it does include some mini Turtles that are also not rare.

Up next we have some World of Warcraft figures. I never collected these, but 23 of them for $1,000 doesn’t sound like a good deal. I know my local comic shop had some for much less, but obviously it’s a good deal because one has bought it yet.

Here we have a rare mistake figure. April with a Splinter tag on the new 25th TMNT figures. Only $100 which seems a bit pricey to me.

If you’re getting April, she’ll need a ride. Why not the new TMNT Cowabunga Carl van? You could buy it for $20 at most places but on Ebay it’s available for $99.95 Plus $50 shipping It’s a steal!

Up next is the “Hot Rod” himself, Roddy Piper. Now Roddy got a special GI Joe made in his honor a couple of years ago at the Joe Con. These Joe Con figures tend to go for quite a bit but Roddy is now going for ridiculous amounts on Ebay. Just look! Needless to say I doubt Piper will go for that much. It’s not a great figure and while it is sought after, not to those levels. Again folks, we’re in a recession, people aren’t gonna drop that kinda money on Piper.

And here’s probably my favorite. A NECA Leonardo figure with a Raphael paper insert (I saw tons of these screw ups when NECA released these figures mind you) for the low, low cost of $20,000! I can’t believe it hasn’t already sold. And I’m pretty sure it costs a decent chunk of change to list an item with a BIN so high. So this guy is rapidly losing money.

All in all, Ebay can be pretty hilarious at times. Although there are still some steals on Ebay, it’s becoming harder and harder to find them. I wonder if it’s because of the recent inflations in prices or because of people selling items they have no knowledge about.

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