Congrats goes out to our big winner of the first ever Guess The Toy contest, Lt. Clutch! Clutch was able to guess the toy from our artwork in record time. Many others tried and several got the correct answer, but it was Clutch who answered correctly first.

The correct answer was Neo-Otyguh. It was part of LJN’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons line and as you can see from the photo above, our sketch was pretty close to the real thing. Clutch was able to accurately describe the figure and his toy line just minutes after the picture and contest rules were posted. Lt. Clutch knows his toys!

So what does he win? Well, this was a test run to see how well this contest would work. As I mentioned in the original rules, the longer the contest went, the better the prize would be. I thought people would be stumped for at least a day or two, but Clutch answered in probably less time than it took me to poorly draw Neo-Otyguh. That’s okay because it let us know that we’ll have to tweak this contest a bit when we do it again. However it also means that the prize jackpot didn’t have much time to grow.

That said, Clutch’s prize pack is valued at .59¢ in 1990 money. We figure when you consider inflation and such, it’s a total prize package value of like, a thousand bucks in today’s economy. It’s a brand new, sealed, Topps 11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles card pack. This is from series one!

Cowabunga! What a sweet victory for the Clutchman! It also includes one collectible sticker! That’ll look great on the front of Clutch’s favorite ride, the VAMP! Lt. Clutch can now contact us at Winner Redemption with his mailing information and claim his prize.

As always if you’re looking to sponsor a prize giveaway then you can contact us at Prize Sponsors, and help super smart toy aficionados like Lt. Clutch win better prizes! We’ll be doing another “Guess The Toy” contest soon with some new and improved features and an even cooler prize. Thanks to all who played.

2 Responses to Contest Winner Announced!

  • Lt_Clutch says:

    LOL! I'm honored. The fact that you kicked things off with one of my All-Time Top Ten Lines sure helped. Pretty accurate description of ol' Neo, too. Nice work, Newt!

  • It's all good. This was a bit of a test run, but at least people participated. I now see where I need to tweek things and the next one should be a bit more challenging for everyone.

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