Apparently NBC never learns from it’s mistakes. Some 15 Years ago they screwed David Letterman out of his Tonight Show spot and gave it to Jay Leno instead. It’s been a very unpopular decision, as no one critically likes Leno’s job on the Tonight Show. He even got clobbered by Letterman in the ratings for a while, but eventually Jay ended back up on top. For another 15 years or so Conan O’Brien has been the second banana to Jay. Conan is, without a doubt, the funniest man in Late Night TV and has been for years.

June 1st of 2009 is when Conan O’Brien takes over the Tonight Show, and people have been wondering what Jay Leno will be doing when that happens. According to Variety, Jay Leno will be staying with NBC and be producing a nightly show at 10pm. NBC was thrilled when Leno agreed to the proposed idea, saying, “It will keep ratings leader Leno at the network, and away from the competition.”

NBC was planning on cutting back to two-hours of original programming Monday through Friday, due to the recession, and the fact that NBC is trying to cut $500-million dollars from their budget. But now with the addition of Leno at 10pm, they will be able to keep the three-hours of original programming and it will be at a low cost. Leno’s show doesn’t cost much to produce, plus they will be keeping his current set. They are constructing a new set for Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show. Conan O’Brien is said to be pleased that he will have Leno leading into his program instead of competing against him.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I think it’s smart for NBC to keep Leno on at some capacity. But what they’ve done here, is they’ve put Conan on the Tonight Show… Then DOWNGRADED the Tonight Show and gave Leno a new show which might as well be called the Tonight Show and still put Conan behind Leno.

There’s no doubt that Conan on the Tonight Show wouldn’t have drawn the same demographics that Jay does. Conan’s humor doesn’t register as well with old people. But Conan should have been allowed to sink or swim on his own. Instead he’s basically host of the “second hour” of the Tonight Show. It’s an insult to Conan and to the American viewing public.

Give Leno some daytime talkshow. Hell give him one of the 16 hours they run the TODAY show in the mornings. Stop screwing Conan and just give him the Tonight Show he deserves! Or so help me Dick Ebersol, I’ll send Pimpbot 5000 over to CUT YOU WHITEBREAD!

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  • Bill says:

    You hit the nail on he head with this one…. here we are months and months and months later, and look at the mess that NBC has created of this situation.

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