So yesterday I recieved my Mego-style Commander X in the mail. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this figure for a while. He just seems like a lot of fun. Commander X is a classic pulp style hero, so when I recieved him I thought I’d make a simple little comic. I braved the blistering below zero weather to make this comic so I thought I’d share with you.

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Behind the scenes information:

– Although my Mego collection is growing daily, many of my Mego figures are pretty recognizable. With no villain that wouldn’t be recognizable, I decided why not go for someone really recognizable. Thus I came up with the idea of using George Washington. The evil Doctor Washington is a shape shifting terrorist from the 23rd Century who runs around in the form of George Washington while causing havoc.

– I imagined this a bit of a sequel to the actual Commander X comic book from Jay Piscopo. In Jay’s debut Commander X comic he meets up with the Yeti. It made perfect sense to get these guys out in the snow and use my awesome Yeti figure.

– One panel kept screwing up so even though I fixed it twice it still shows up in the final copy. It’s a minor thing though and I was tired, so I left it.

– In my mind I was going to have a big fight between Commander X and Washington before the Yeti showed up. However my brain was slowly freezing as it was negative ten with wind chill factor outside. I had started setting up rather haphazardly so I was good and cold by the time I was ready to shoot.

– The snow was just about perfect level where it was deep enough for convincing Mego snow, but not too deep.

– For the weapons and bomb I used GI Joe bits and pieces. 3 3/4 Joe stuff doesn’t really fit into Mego scale but it’ll work in a pinch. I liked the work I did on the bomb and thought it fit well. I had a long bomb sequence in mind, but again I was freezing.

– The REAL Commander X is property of Nemo Publishing and no copyright is implied or intended here. I’m just a fan.

Let me know if you’d like to see more or if you enjoyed this sort of thing.

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