You may remember that last year I reviewed the Commander X 1950’s Version action figure. I’m a big fan of the work Jay Piscopo did with the character in his several comics. Well now the good folks at Captn’ Eli have unveiled their latest variant figure. It’s the Commander X Archer Knight figure inspired by Errol Flynn as Robin Hood and the Green Archer from the classic movie serials.

I just love these figures so much. I plan on picking one up when I get the chance and I’ll be sure to review it here at the site. They’re classic Mego-esque figures, but these guys really pack the charm and nostalgia value. Plus they’re on the high quality EMCE toys body, none of that bowlegged Mattel body from these guys. Plus he’d look great with my Will Scarlet Figure.

You can pick him up as well as the other Commander X figures right here. Don’t forget to read the free Commander X comics while you’re there.

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