First 4 Figures, mostly known for more expensive statues has snagged the Sonic The Hedgehog license and has some statues on the way. However, if you’re looking for smaller, more affordable desktop Hedgehogage… Check out their awesome new 2 inch line.

The line definitely looks great and will be debuting in September with this 6 pack release of the titular blue Hedgehog and his friends Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Super Sonic, and Metal Sonic. They all look quite spiffy, borrowing a bit from the Sonic animation. Unfortunately they aren’t articulated, which is a shame. They definitely have sharper sculpts than the Jazwares (Sonic Black Knight Figure Reviewed Here) stuff.

These might be a nice counterpart to PopCo/Goldie Mario figures that are currently on the market. I’m not sure if that was the intention from First 4, but I suspect it may have been. Whatever the case, right now is a great time to be a Sonic toy collector, with so many great Sonic offerings on the market. I might pick these up.

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