Captain Action 04 1
Captain Action #4
DC Comics
Story by Gil Kane
Art by Gil Kane

We’re now almost done with the DC comics Captain Action run and Gil Kane is now completely in charge. Considering how much better things got once Kane got control, that’s probably not a bad thing. Still, I have to wonder how much the writing was on the wall at this point. DC obviously was beginning to care less and less about Captain Action and even Ideal was about to pull the plug on the toys.

Captain Action (1968) 04 - 06

The comic starts off detailing where Dr. Evil disappeared to in the climax of the last issue. He ends up in some world between worlds again, only this time he discovers an alien race that happens to look just like him. They are super advanced, but apparently are on the end of their life cycle. They want to just disappear and die off, but Dr. Evil will have none of it.

Captain Action (1968) 04 - 07

Instead he convinces them that the Earth would make a suitable planet for them to inhabit and take over. It doesn’t really make a ton of sense, but he manages to whip them up into a frenzy. Once he succeeds in that, he decides to go after Captain Action and distract him so the invasion can begin. He tries to enter Captain Action’s mind but the Captain is too strong… So he enters Carl’s mind, because Carl only exists to get Captain Action in trouble.

Captain Action (1968) 04 - 13

With Carl under his spell, he gets him to unleash some sort of monsters. This isn’t very clearly defined, but somehow a device of Captain Action’s is able to unleash these monsters. Carl snaps out of the trance, just in time to team up with Pop to face the evil monsters.

Captain Action (1968) 04 - 14

Captain Action and Action Boy manage to defeat the monsters rather easily. Dr. Evil isn’t happy that his plan didn’t work. Captain Action isn’t happy that his sidekick son is useless.

Captain Action (1968) 04 - 15

Okay, he doesn’t actually say that… But I know he’s thinking it.

Captain Action (1968) 04 - 16

Since his first plan didn’t work, Dr. Evil now uses all his power to bring Captain Action’s dead wife back to life. Hey, that’s pretty heavy. Of course if he has that kind of power, it begs the question why he needs Carl to unleash monsters, but I digress.

Captain Action (1968) 04 - 17

For a brief moment, Dr. Evil is reminded of his own humanity and that Captain Action’s wife was actually his daughter… But that soon dissipates and he sends her to mess with Captain Action’s head. Talk about a mind trip. He also points out that this woman isn’t REALLY the wife of Captain Action, she’s just like, a mental clone or something.

Captain Action (1968) 04 - 18

Captain Action is baffled at his wife’s return and she tells him to join her. You know, in the afterlife. Captain Action is all “But I’m a hero now” and she’s not having any of it. While this is going on, Dr. Evil and the other aliens unleash a series of earthquakes and natural disasters on the planet. I’m sensing a theme here. Seriously, why recycle an idea from the LAST issue?

Captain Action (1968) 04 - 23

Carl tries to prove he’s not totally useless by SLAPPING the taste out of Captain Action’s mouth. Carl also cries. I think that’s like, every issue so far that Carl has managed to sob like a girl. Bringing him to his senses after he nearly sacrifices himself to save the world.

Captain Action (1968) 04 - 25

Speaking of the world, the entire Earth just gives up. You know, back in issue #1 we established that Superman exists, but he didn’t have anything to say in the matter when the whole planet is being destroyed? Whatever, as the aliens watch the people suffer, they come to their senses and reverse the effects and then decide to die. Dr. Evil is upset that his new blue skin friends turned on him.

Captain Action (1968) 04 - 28

He vows revenge. The story is getting a bit muddled, but Gil Kane is cranking out some great art in this issue. You can tell he was sort of just letting loose. Some fun panels in this one.

Captain Action (1968) 04 - 29

As Dr. Evil vows to be back yet again, Carl is left wondering if Dr. Evil can be saved. Because, you know, Carl’s an optimist. Also, useless. AND a crybaby.

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