So as mentioned here before, I’m in the process of moving. As a result I wanted to get my MattyCollector information up to date because I know that Digital River is known for making mistakes. First, it’s a real pain to even find a spot to change your information on the website, but alas, that’s a rant for another day. In order to test things out I put in a Voltron Subscription into the cart. I have been considering a Club Lion Force subscription anyway…

This is supposed to be the cheapest subscription at $15, but Digital River actually has it set up where it’s the MOST expensive. Your credit card will be charged a whopping $75 to join the subscription. You can imagine my surprise that more people haven’t spoke out about this. Earlier this week, “Matty” tried to clarify that this was only a pre-authorization.

The problem with a pre-authorization is that your credit card is technically charged this amount and the money is put into a virtual holding. It doesn’t matter that in a couple of days the money is put back, because at the time you click “order” you have to have $75 in your account. If you ordered all four subscription clubs, you’d need nearly $250 in your account to be pre-authorized.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t have $250 to be held up for several days. I find this very frustrating. I understand being charged shipping (to an extent) but I don’t really understand why I have to pre-authorize a figure that I won’t be purchasing for a year. It’s particularly bad for the Voltron line because I have to pre-authorize not one, but TWO additional figures.

Am I nuts or is this just ridiculous? Why can’t Mattel just simply charge the price of the freaking subscription? Why must I pre-authorize so much extra stuff ahead of time? Why does Mattel/DR need to tie up so much of my money? It’s silly to have $75 tied up for a $15 purchase. If this doesn’t get worked out soon, I’m likely going to skip all the subscriptions this year. I’m working on a tight budget and I have too many real items from SDCC that I want to purchase to have Mattel farting around with $250 additional dollars for what amounts to a $95 dollar purchase.

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  • wesitron says:

    Yeah they should have thought about that with the August first sale coming up. I too am interested in the Voltron club, but man I don't know. I mean at this point we still know almost zilch about the line and asking 75 bucks for something you're still not a hundred percent on is a little crazy.

    This is one of those times where they come back and say, "Well the TRUE fans will yadda yadda yadda" 🙂

  • Newt says:

    Yeah I mean, even though you're getting the bulk of that money back… I still don't like having it tied up for several days. Especially the Voltron club… Why on Earth would they charge you for three figures? Digital River strikes again.

  • william jackson says:

    You do realize that although the funds are reversed Matty will still be able to gain interest on the amount held, right? It would appear that it would not add up to much money however it will depend upon how many subscribers there are. It's totally legal and gives you the reason behind the cost.

  • Rexplode says:

    I want this giant Voltron SO BAD guys, I'm just having to hike up my big boy pants and tell myself it's not worth over $300. I may still end up with one, I just won't be doing the sub. I am even waffling on the MOTUC Sub this year because of all the extra stuff I'll still have to order and pay separate shipping on.

    Mattel knocked it out of the part with their reveals at SDCC in my opinion, it's just no less a pain in the ass to get their toys!

  • Cloud says:

    It's always like Hasbro and Mattel are battling for being the worst. Hasbro silently killing awesome Mighty Muggs and chose to release them 1 each every year at SDCC or Mattel trying to make the biggest bucks possible from the fans by selling the collectible lines on their own

  • Wes says:

    I agree that this sucks… but personally, if you don't have the money to spare in your account right this moment, I don't know that I'd advise you to buy a subscription! (I know, I know, not my place to lecture anyone on what to do with his/her cash… but yeah. Maybe Mattel has the same idea, and that's why they're overcharging for subscriptions now — kinda like how credit card companies want to know about your assets and earnings before they'll give you a piece of plastic.)

    Personally, though, I'd be more inclined to look favorably upon these subscriptions if the figures were all paid for up front. Sure, one can mentally deduct the money up front in one's mind, but actually doing it would be preferable to me than remembering to expect Mattel to take a chunk out of there every month. Of course, I also think offering subscribers some kind of deal beyond not having to put up with the horror of sale days (which I think is why Mattel and Digital River haven't done anything significant on that front, though I applaud them for apparently increasing production numbers) would also make subscriptions more appealing — like offering free/reduced shipping or price discounts (say, subscribers save 15% or whatever).

    But eh, that's just me thinking about ways of better serving its subscribers. Instead, Mattel's out to rape you guys and isn't afraid to show it. 🙂

  • The thing is, I'm not applying for a loan or a credit card… I'm trying to buy a "membership" and the price is advertised as one thing, but the total amount is something completely different. And let's be fair, saying the price is $15 and then charging $75+ is a pretty big difference. Even if they'll refund you the rest back, it can still take up to a week or more with bank and/or credit processing.

    Paying up front wouldn't be bad because at least that would make sense, although I doubt Mattel would do that because apparently their totals are wrong. They'd much rather be vague and charge you whatever each month because then they're free to not have to commit to a one time fee. I could probably swing the cash and I have enough cash for the subscriptions themselves… I guess it's just the idea of paying $150 extra for nothing annoys me. Basically I'm giving Mattel/DR a loan for about a week. I'm not too fond of that. If anything I should be evaluating their assets in that case. I think that's the issue with me.

  • I really wanted Voltron and I thought the club was going to be great… But after viewing those videos of the Lion transformations, I've realized those Lions look really cheap and final product may not be worth it.


    I've always had an issue with the subs when they charge more than what the sub is worth and hold your money. They've done that with MOTUC for years now and it's just pure nonsense. The Voltron one I wanted to get but after spending so much at Comic Con I was only able to get the MOTUC. If they didn't do the whole 'charge you extra just to hold it' deal, I would have purchased the Voltron sub and the DC sub. That's money that Matty lost from me

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