Here’s a classic wrestling angle from my favorite little wrestling federation from my youth, USWA. Actually this might be CWA, but it’s the same promotion more or less. I grew up in an area that USWA aired every week, so Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett and those guys were big stars in my youth. What’s great about this clip is that it’s a time capsule of sorts, because this sort of angle couldn’t be done now with the internet. Well, it could be done, but not as well.

I miss wrestling like this. Here were two guys that had a feud and after one had been away for a while, he returns in a classic fashion. I wish somewhere ran old USWA videos. It’s a shame USWA sort of randomly went under when they did. USWA was still profitable but Lawler & Jarrett sold it to some new investors, who had no idea what they were doing and it went bust in a matter of months. Oh well, check out this classic storyline.

Oh and check out what I believe is a young Jeff Jarrett as one of the guys out for the save.

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  • Matthew says:

    I love old school wrestling like that too. Who is the wrestler against Lawler though?

  • That's Austin Idol. He was big in the Memphis area, but never did much in the more mainstream companies. Talented worker and this was a hot feud with him and Lawler. He had been away for a bit when he returned under this mask for the attack.

    What I love is that they do this all so serious and the presentation looks very legit, as opposed to something where you know it's going to end badly and see it coming from a mile away.

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