One thing I’m going to try and focus a bit more on here at Infinite Hollywood is vintage advertising, like this GI Joe NES ad. This game came out in 1991 and this ad was featured around the same time. With Cobra Commander apparently gunning through the jungle to find the game or the Joes…

I actually remember this game being pretty neat and a lot of fun at the time because you could be the different characters. I have no idea if it still holds up today, but I remember renting it and having a blast. My favorite was getting to be Rock-n-Roll and Snake Eyes. It was made by TAXAN which is a company you never hear of anymore.

TAXAN only made a handful of NES games and outside of GI Joe, none were of note. They did port NAMCO’s Mappy-Land to the NES, though. TAXAN is still in business, mainly in Japan where they’re part of the larger Kaga Electronics, but their USA branch apparently is tiny now. It’s strange that GI Joe was kind of fading away when this game came out. More often than not, video games today hit during the boom period of any given product. Video games also typically help boost a franchise back to prominence, but neither seems to be the case with the Nintendo GI Joe game. I blame the inclusion of Captain Grid-Iron.

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